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This sustainable fine jewelry brand with deep roots in the Philippines expresses its soulful narrative by celebrating pearl moments apart from anniversaries and birthdays.

Arao highlights the beauty of responsibly sourced South Sea Pearls from the country through modern classics. Its contemporary designs veer away from all things traditional and conventional, reinforcing a philosophy that pearls are more than just “your grandmother’s pearls.”

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Following the success of its Paradox collection and the game changing launch of Arao’s Pearl Lab, the Hong-Kong based jewelry label introduces the #12MonthsAroundTheSun campaign. Its soulful narrative is all about celebrating everyday luxury and pearl moments apart from just birthdays or anniversaries. 

Birthstones and Baroque South Sea Pearls

Contrasting elements of the Paradox collection–imperfectly perfect baroque South Sea Pearls and rare cut gemstones—are expanded this year to showcase the birthstones of each month. 

Instead of the usual semiprecious gems, ARAO handpicks each stone in hues that are truly exceptional. They are then paired with baroque South Sea Pearls in tones of gold, silver, gray and immaculate white. 

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A post shared by ARAO Fine Jewellery (@thearaolife)

Area Founder Mirabel Rosar explains: “Many of our clients shop pieces to give as gifts for loved ones or for one’s self.” Selection of birthstones or gems symbolic of a milestone helps make each piece feel more personalized. The brand’s iconic Azula earrings, for instance, are  paired with various gemstones including exceptionally cut  emeralds (for the month of May), black diamonds (for April), rubies (for July), and yellow sapphires (for the month of September).

Fluid gender pieces like the Sinag necklace are also rendered with various gemstone pairings to celebrate #12MonthsAroundTheSun. This time utilizing baroque Reishi pearls, each strand features a distinctive birthstone to welcome wearers from all walks of life to embrace #12MonthsAroundTheSun. 

Banner photo courtesy of Arao Fine Jewellery.

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