I Am Abi And Their Love For The Art

The team and services of I Am Abi Photography are worth seeking—they turn sweet memories into immortalized photos and concepts into tangible realities.

Photos capture a moment in time. A flash of light immortalizes a memory, an event, and a feeling in a still frame. Moreover, people keep their digital or developed photos because of the sentimental value a single frame contains. Also, as time passes, the art of taking pictures becomes accessible to everyone—considering that powerful smartphones have cameras comparable to professional point-and-shoot cameras. However, nothing beats the creative process of professional photography, and I Am Abi continues to elevate the art of photography. 

heart evangelista
Heart Evangelista for I Am Abi/ Photo courtesy of I Am Abi

I Am Abi is a photography company that believes photography is more than just pictures—for them, it is a one-of-a-kind premium experience that will capture every sweet moment. Furthermore, I Am Abi firmly believes that their customers are always their utmost priority, and they deserve more than just a regular photography session.

heart evangelista
Photo courtesy of I Am Abi

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Going Beyond Photography

I Am Abi, with its team of multi-awarded experts, curates experiences immortalized in photos. They offer a concierge service, wherein the photographers, sales personnel, project manager, production personnel, and creative team work together to meticulously create a hassle-free experience for their clients. The company also relies on the expertise of its partners. They cooperate and work with people who share the same vision and passion—viewing their clients as works of art. Moreover, the pieces that create the team result in unique individual client experiences. They are making every client tell their story through the elaborate and personal experience they curate.

Aside from the services I Am Abi offers, its photographers are also their pride. The women-led team is the bread and butter of the company. The photographers under I Am Abi received various international photography awards—showing their commitment to their craft. The company also takes pride in their production design team. They make dreams come true by building the concept and styling their clients. From meadows to Mount Olympus, the team has the creativity to turn your vision into reality. They often turn their huge indoor studio into a dream-like place where concepts come alive.

I Am Abi Team/ Photo courtesy of I Am Abi/ Studio Simula

Visualized Promise 

In an interview with Lifestyle Asia, the managing and creative director of I Am Abi, Abigail Miguel, talked about their customer-centric approach. “We are a conceptual fine art photography studio that offers the full service. From photography, videography, production design, hair and make-up, and wardrobe styling,” she said. Abigail emphasized how they, as a company, save the customer the hassle of looking for different suppliers that will fulfill their creative requirements. 

Abigail Miguel, managing and creative director of I Am Abi/ Photo courtesy of I Am Abi/ Studio Simula

“We go beyond photography and take care of our clients to give them a customized photoshoot experience. We believe that each one of them is a work of art,” Abigail states the promise of their company. The company’s service isn’t bound by communication letters and messages—they make sure that they go the extra mile whenever they meet their clients. “We meet with them, face to face or online, so that we can explain the process as well as take away any fears of anxiety, especially for clients who will have their shoot for the very first time,” Abigail said. 

Banner photo courtesy of I Am Abi.

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