Surprising Brands You Didn’t Know Were Owned By Celebrities

Discover the surprising brands owned by celebritiesfrom George Clooney’s tequila to Snoop Dogg being a partial owner of Reddit.

It’s really surprising how we all recognize these celebrities for their performances on the silver screen, but did you know that some of them also owned brands?

These famous faces are not just entertainers; they’re entrepreneurs too, and they’ve got their names on brands and companies that might astonish you.

We’ve compiled a list of Hollywood’s brightest stars who secretly own these remarkable brands. 

Is it a passion project, a hidden talent, or perhaps an alter ego? We can only speculate, but their ventures might just inspire you to start your own business someday.

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George Clooney – Casamigos Tequila

George Clooney, the suave actor we all adore, isn’t just about Hollywood glitz; he’s also the genius behind Casamigos Tequila

Alongside his pals, bar and restaurant tycoon Rande Gerber and Discovery Land Company CEO Mike Meldman, Clooney conceived this silky-smooth tequila.

Their tequila journey began in the scenic Cabo, Mexico, where they yearned for a tequila that wouldn’t leave them nursing hangovers. 

Casamigos claims that its founders still sample every batch, maintaining a hands-on approach to production.

George Clooney holding Casamigos
George Clooney/Photo via Instagram @casamigos

Beyoncé – 22 Days Nutrition

Beyoncé, the queen of the music industry, has teamed up with her trainer and life coach Marco Borges to create 22 Days Nutrition

This company offers a vegan meal delivery service, along with protein bars, powders, and nutrition guides. 

The concept is simple: it takes 21 days to break a habit.

The inspiration for this venture dates back to 2013 when Beyoncé and Jay Z announced a 22-day Vegan Challenge on social media. 

Their journey encouraged others to embrace plant-based eating, and it’s often referred to as “The Beyoncé Diet.”

Beyoncé during one of the renaissance concerts
Beyoncé/Photo via Instagram @beyonce

Drake – Virginia Black Whiskey

Drake, the renowned hip-hop artist, isn’t content with conquering the music scene alone. 

In September, he unveiled Virginia Black Decadent American Whiskey in collaboration with Los Angeles-based spirits maven Brent Hocking.

The liquor retailer LCBO in Drake’s hometown of Ontario, Canada, reported selling a staggering 1,779 bottles on the launch day. 

Balancing both music and liquor, it’s the perfect blend of success.

Drake holding a bottle of Virginia Black Whiskey
Drake/Photo via Instagram @virginiablackwhiskey

Kate Hudson – Fabletics 

Actress Kate Hudson, is the brains behind Fabletics, the sportswear and healthy lifestyle brand. 

Established in 2013, Fabletics offers a unique approach to fashion.

Users can take a quiz on their website to receive personalized outfit recommendations or join the VIP program to snag a fresh outfit every month. 

Forbes reported that Fabletics surged to a remarkable $250 million business within three years.

Kate Hudson happily enjoying her exercise time. Fabletics
Kate Hudson/Photo via Instagram @katehudson

Snoop Dogg and Jared Leto – Reddit 

In a surprising twist, the iconic musician Snoop Dogg and acclaimed actor Jared Leto became significant investors in the social platform Reddit back in 2014. 

These two stars are now partial owners of the site, and their $50 million deal propelled Reddit’s value to a staggering $500 million.

These celebrities have not only conquered the entertainment world but have also ventured into the business realm, proving that they are multi-talented individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Who knows, their stories might just inspire you to take the plunge into the world of business too.

Snoop Dogg posing for the camera
Snoop Dogg/Photo via Instagram @snoopdogg
Jared Leto on a yacht.
Jared Leto/Photo via Instagram @jaredleto

Banner photo via Instagram @katehudson.

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