Mikel Arriet's Tale On Fatherhood And Inner Peace

Exploring the heart and home of Mikel Arriet-a journey into fatherhood and finding balance between the personal and corporate worlds.

Mikel Arriet, the General Manager of Anya Resort Tagaytay, believes that his success in his chosen industry isn’t an accident. Rather, it’s an answer to his prayers for what he really wanted: to become a father and a mindful person. Finding balance is a term that most of us use, but only a few have the privilege to do so. To him, it’s all about polishing a positive mindset and eventually becoming a lifestyle. Similarly, being a father or dad is not merely a role; it means a lifestyle you choose to nurture and appreciate life. Little did he know that nurturing his own son would pave the way to show his team what commitment and leadership really mean.

Mikel Arriet and son Jon sharing a fun moment
Like father like son. Jon is equally as charming as his dad, Mikel Arriet.

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A Transformative Shift in Fatherhood

“Everything changes the moment that you have a child,” Arriet reflects, sharing his profound experiences in fatherhood.

Anya GM Mikel Arriet with son Jon

Priorities shift, and selflessness takes the reins. While his days once revolved around personal indulgences and cultivating his career, the arrival of his adopted son, Jon, transformed his world. Arriet decided to adopt because he believed in providing a loving family to children in need.

Jon, a beacon of happiness, has given Arriet immeasurable joy. The speed with which the term “dad” rolled off Jon’s tongue within 24 hours of their first meeting left an indelible mark on Arriet’s heart. His journey as a father has been filled with heartwarming moments, from being declared the “best daddy ever” to Jon expressing his love daily.

Arriet emphasizes that meditation, a practice accessible to all, has been instrumental in his life. Meditation provides clarity, serenity, and self-awareness. Arriet grappled with impulsiveness and conflict a decade ago, but meditation helped him rein in these tendencies. Today, thanks to his mindfulness practice, he cultivates lasting relationships and navigates life’s challenges with grace.

At Anya Resort, Arriet extends the gift of meditation to his team. Daily, department heads partake in five minutes of meditation during operations meetings. This practice creates an environment of kindness and is a powerful tool for stress management and team cohesion. Succinctly, his learnings from his journey as a father have changed the way he lives. Mikel Arriet believes being a father is a blessing to his professional journey.

A Call for Holistic Leadership Education

Reflecting on his journey, Arriet highlights an essential aspect often overlooked in leadership development: stress management and workload management. Traditional business education may not equip leaders with the tools needed to foster team resilience and well-being. Arriet suggests that incorporating stress and workload management coaching within business schools could be transformative for leaders and their organizations.

Mindfulness and meditation are Mikel Arriet's daily practices for balancing work and life

Mikel Arriet, the visionary leader at Anya Resort, weaves the threads of fatherhood, mindfulness, and compassion into the tapestry of luxury hospitality. His story inspires all, reminding us that success is measured by accolades, the lives we touch, and the kindness we spread.

Beyond Giving

Mikel Arriet is dedicated to his work at Anya Resort and extends his compassion and support to the Kalipay Negrense Foundation, a profound initiative located in Bago City. In his own words, he shared, “In Kalipay, there are different ways to help. They have a nice webpage that is Kalipay Negrense Foundation. On that webpage, they have different projects.”

Mikel’s commitment to Kalipay goes beyond words, as he and the LTB Philippines Chefs Association joined forces to make a significant impact. He revealed, “We can open a bakery for them. We already invested, and we already purchased some equipment because we want them to do their own bread. I mean to become self-sufficient, the most important is not about how much the amount; even five pesos, those five pesos, it’s oxygen for Kalipay.”

These heartfelt actions and words showcase Mikel Arriet’s genuine dedication to making a difference in the lives of the children at Kalipay Negrense Foundation, emphasizing that even small contributions can have a profound impact on their well-being.




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