Agnes Huibonhoa Knows No Limits in Helping Communities

Through a multitude of charities, the well-loved icon continues to bring light into people’s lives

A well-known figure in society circles, The Honorary Consul of the Republic of The Gambia Agnes Huibonhoa is also a well-loved icon for her altruistic endeavors. Awareness of her privilege led to wasting no time in using her time and connections to build opportunities to help the needy. From patients stricken with cancer to indigent communities in Manila, Agnes has and continuously touches the lives of these people.

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Agnes Huibonhoa.

The passion for reaching out

The philanthropic career of Agnes consists of helping thousands especially through a multitude of charities. Among them are “Men of Exemplary Influence” and “Best-Dressed Women of the Philippines” in partnership with the Philippine Cancer Society. Together, the events pay tribute to the men and women who raise awareness about cancer and make efforts to fight against it. “I was very happy that I’m able to gather and convince businessmen to help out and give their time to join the activity,” Agnes says. The likes of Manila City Mayor Isko Moreno and Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez joined the events last September. “When they hear it’s for the cancer patients and that we do raise these funds to help them out, it’s so touching that you see them take their time out to help them out.”

The Our Lady of Manaoag Foundation was another discovery for Agnes in reaching out to the sick, helpless, and needy. At the small chapel near the Malacañang where she worked, she spends time with the indigent community of Manila, attending to their needs. From initiating feeding programs to medical missions, Agnes is certainly making a positive impact on these people’s lives.

Read the full story of Agnes Huibonhoa written by Pipo Gonzales in Lifestyle Asia’s November 2019 edition titled, “Purpose and Philanthropy.”

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