Brooches That Were Awarded at the Lifestyle Asia Gala 2023

In 2023, the publication has proven time and time again that luxury lies not in material abundance, but in the selfless enrichment of others.

The Lifestyle Asia Gala was an evening of opulence and altruism, where the crème de la crème of the society converge again after five years to celebrate the genuine spirit of giving and the honorable power in philanthropy. Yet, more than a gathering of the affluent, the gala was an attestation to the concept of being human, which transcends the boundaries of status, ranks, and titles; that being human is to leave an indelible mark on the fabric of our societies and on the lives of others—and the honorees did so in the most profound manner as they pursued excellence in their own lanes.

To spotlight the luminaries whose charitable pursuits have become the true measure of their affluence, Lifestyle Asia, in partnership with Brilyo Jewelry, awarded stellar pins of purpose to 10 organizations. Each pin recognizes their respective social reformation initiatives among these five sectors: education, environment, food, children, and health.

Ahead is a closer look of the said philanthropic accolades that were honored along with the sculptural trophies made by artist Nixxio Castrillo.

For the unwavering dedication to a brighter future

Adorned with dazzling pear sapphires in 14k gold, the long-feathered quill is a testament to one’s commitment in uplifting the underprivileged youth of the Philippines through impactful educational initiatives and programs such as, but are not limited to, donation drives.

This brooch was awarded to Xandra Ramos, the Managing Director of the National Bookstore. With Project Aral at the forefront, National Bookstore has proven its dedication to improve the lives of countless students from various public elementary schools, providing them with the basic tools they need to excel in school.

The Quill Brooch in yellow gold with sapphire gems
The Quill Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Education
The Philippine Eagle Brooch in rose gold with black and white diamonds
The Philippine Eagle Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Education

For the outstanding contributions in creating opportunities for learning

Inspired by the regal Philippine eagle, this rose gold brooch is intricately designed with feather detailing paired with white and black diamonds, all of which reflect the immense support for the youth as they soar and pursue greater knowledge and learning. 

This brooch was awarded to Bryan Yap, the COO of Lepanto Consolidated Mining Company. By supporting the construction and maintenance of schools in campgrounds, coupled with the Lepanto Educational Assistance Program (LEAP), Lepanto Mining has played a pivotal role in fostering growth and development in the country’s education sector. 

For the responsible regard for the planet and its natural resources

Finely crafted with an emerald green enamel and colorless diamonds, the sea turtle brooch is a tribute to those making a lasting impact on Earth and the species, both flora and fauna, that live therein.

The Sea Turtle Brooch in yellow gold with colorless diamonds and emerald enamel
The Sea Turtle Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Environment

The brooch was awarded to GCash for planting over a million trees nationwide in 2022. The fintech brand’s responsible regard for the environment was exemplified through their “GForest” initiative within the app, allowing users to plant or adopt native trees simply by walking and opting to use paperless payments.

For the glorious triumphs in preserving the nation’s natural wonders

Embodying the essence of sustainability and the preservation of diverse ecosystems in the Philippines is the majestic coconut tree brooch. Its leaves are designed with pearl-colored enamel and its fruits presented as round diamonds set in 14k rose gold.

The brooch was awarded to Angie Goyena, President of iFace, for their beauty brand Bioten’s efforts to restore forests in the ancestral lands of the Yangil Tribe, through the 88k Trees Advocacy. Such a reforestation project is aimed at eventually growing new forests that generations of this lifetime and those of the future can benefit from.

The Coconut Brooch in rose gold with  round diamonds
The Coconut Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Environment
The Rice Plant Brooch with green enamel leaves and baroque pearls
The Rice Plant Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Food

For the abundant support in agricultural bounty

With exquisite green enamel leaves and baroque pearls, this rose gold brooch that has a close resemblance to palay or rice plant reflects one’s commitment to ensure agricultural abundance.

This brooch was awarded to Sekaya Natural Ingredients’ representative Abigail Nepomuceno, on behalf of Unilab’s Senior Vice President Joey Ochave. Sekaya—a brand of Philippine-grown natural, science-based food—found its purpose in the grains of rice and indigenous products, which is directed toward a high-quality food supply guaranteed across the archipelago.

For the meaningful efforts in providing nourishment to communities in need

Symbolizing food security and the transformation that nourishment does to Filipino families is a yellow gold butterfly brooch adorned with emeralds and white diamonds. This brooch was awarded to Caress Banson of Feeding Metro Manila (FMM), represented by Daniela Lorenzo.

The Golden Butterfly Brooch with emerald gems and white diamonds
The Golden Butterfly Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Food

Initially starting as an activity for the Banson family, FMM grew into a two-pronged advocacy toward ending hunger and promoting zero food waste. They gather donations of unsold goods from restaurants, bakeries, groceries, supermarkets, hotels, manufacturers, and importers engaged in the food business, and repurpose them to feed the underprivileged in cities around Metro Manila.

For the inspiring endeavors in imparting light and hope to children

A powerful motif for a bright and prosperous future in children are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and emeralds set on a star-shaped yellow, white, and rose gold brooch, reminiscent of the Filipino Christmas lantern, commonly known as parol

This brooch was awarded to Tasha Tanjutco, the Co-Founder of Kids for Kids. Through inspiring outreach initiatives on education like that of Kapuluan ng Kabataan, along with passionate volunteers, Kids for Kids was able, and continues, to cultivate opportunities for underprivileged children.

The Parol Brooch with emeralds, rubies, sapphires, and white diamonds
The Parol Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Children
The white gold Wreath Brooch with amethysts, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies
The Wreath Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Children

For the unending devotion to improve the well-being of the youth

Mirroring the richness in the growth and vitality of the youth is a white gold wreath brooch, adorned with vibrant amethysts, sapphires, emeralds, and rubies. The brooch was honored to Gisela Tiongson, a representative of the Jollibee Group Foundation, for fostering the growth of Filipino children.

Jollibee, which holds a special place in the hearts of many Filipinos, goes beyond bringing joy to the table—with such joy being extended throughout the nation through the Busog, Lusog, Talino (BLT). The fast food brand holds school meal programs for the undernourished children, in hopes of addressing malnutrition and, by extension, empowering the overall well-being of young individuals.

For the steady commitment to the health of the Filipinos

A symbolic representation of medicine and healthcare philanthropy, the caduceus brooch features two snakes winding and coiling on a yellow winged staff with a brilliant citrine and a diamond accent.

The Caduceus Brooch in white and yellow gold with round diamond accents
The Caduceus Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Health

This brooch was awarded to Dr. Aivee Teo of the Aivee Group for opening the gates of healthcare to the underprivileged communities through the Beauty Beyond Borders (BBB) initiative. Starting roughly five years ago with a simple goal of offering free dermatological and surgical care in barangays, BBB has grown to provide minor aesthetic and orthopedic procedures, making sure that beauty, health, and wellness is accessible to all.

For the relentless pursuit of power over breast cancer

Alluding to the national flower sampaguita, which is a symbol of hope and strength amidst trying times, the delicate gold flower brooch is adorned with white enamel petals and round colorless diamonds. This brooch was received by Estée Lauder Companies’ Country General Manager Sharyn Wong.

The Sampaguita Brooch with pearl-colored enamel petals and round diamond decors
The Sampaguita Brooch, a Philanthropic Excellence Award for Health

For over 30 years, the Estée Lauder Companies have been at the forefront of breast cancer awareness, seamlessly weaving fundraisers to support scientific research, education, and medical services, hoping to help create a breast cancer-free world for all. In 2022 alone, the brand’s charity foundation has made a commitment to donate $15 million in a span of five years to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, with a mission to fund groundbreaking studies that will further the goal of reducing breast cancer disparities and improving outcomes. 

All brooches were crafted by Founder Betina Lagman of Brilyo Jewelry Philippines, a fine jewelry company that specializes in creating ready-to-wear and custom jewelry that encapsulates precious moments. For more information, visit Brilyo Jewelry’s website and follow them on Instagram.

Photos courtesy of Brilyo Jewelry Philippines

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