Bryanboy and Tina Leung Celebrate Youthful Look at the Belo Kinetic Party - The Scene

SpectruMed hosts an intimate dinner to honor Belo ambassadors Bryanboy and Tina Leung for trying the new kinetic face lift technology

Maturity comes with age and the gradual ageing of the skin. That’s why, it’s no wonder men and women seek for the latest products and treatments to revert their skin to a youthful glow.

While some change their diet and lifestyle, others bear the fear of needles to achieve what they believe is a long-term improvement of their appearance.

To offer an alternative to these treatments, Perfaction launched EnerJet 2.0. It is a non-invasive kinetic face lift technology that SpectruMed exclusively distributes in the Philippines.

International fashion influencers and Belo ambassadors Bryanboy and Tina Leung tested this procedure.

To celebrate the success of the new technology, SpectruMed hosted the Belo Kinetic Party at Flame Restaurant. Distinguished guests came to grace the occasion such as Che Uy, Tessa Prieto-Valdez, and Dr. Vicki Belo.

Honored guests Bryanboy and Tina Leung together with Iza Calzado and Dr. Vicki Belo celebrated the success of EnerJet 2.0 technology. (Photograph by JM Gonzales and Daniel Tan)
SpectruMed’s Cherryl Glazer and Belo Medical Group’s Steph Ongkiko posed with guest Nicole Hernandez for the intimate dinner. (Photograph by JM Gonzales and Daniel Tan)
Society figures and important guests enjoyed a fine evening. (Photograph by JM Gonzales and Daniel Tan)
EnerJet’s Medical Director and Prof. Daniel Cassuto collaborated with Dr. Vicki Belo to launch the newest face lift technology. (Photograph by JM Gonzales and Daniel Tan)

Earlier that day, Milan-based Professor Daniel Cassuto delivered a talk on the power of kinetic energy in face lift technology.

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. Cassuto, a renowned plastic surgeon and professor of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery, demonstrated the wonders of EnerJet 2.0 to the Belo Medical team. The doctors witnessed how a special firming solution was inserted into the skin as part of the kinetic face lift.

The solution contains hyaluronic acid, promoted as the “fountain of youth.” It can help heal wounds and act as moisturizer to tighten, lift, and rejuvenate the skin. A youthful appearance replaces tired, sagging, and ageing skin.


Tessa Prieto-Valdez and Iza Calzado find themselves smiling as they share stories with fellow guests. (Photograph by JM Gonzales and Daniel Tan)
Guests delighted in the sumptuous food and good company. (Photograph by JM Gonzales and Daniel Tan)

As the party continued, the guests enjoyed the intimate dinner and celebrated achieving a beautiful, youthful look with the new kinetic technology.

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