Purchasing Power: BTS member Jungkook Caused These Luxury Items To Sell Out

The incredible influence of Korean supergroup BTS goes beyond their music and performances.

Beyond merchandise, fans of the South Korean superstars are clearly willing (and able) to spend a few more thousands to support the group. When Hyundai introduced BTS as their global brand ambassador, the demand for their flagship SUV Palisade skyrocketed. From an estimated domestic demand of 25,000, it grew to 59,000 orders (and counting) in South Korea alone.

Naturally, other products they endorse (and even those that they don’t) get sold out. Jeon Jungkook, the youngest member, is notorious for having the products he uses to easily get scouted out by fans. From a jacket worn on a magazine cover to combat boots briefly seen on a group’s video, here are some of the brands Jungkook was seen in.

LEFT: Vogue Japan August 2020 cover. (Photo from Vogue) RIGHT: Nylon gabardine blouson jacket. (Photo from Prada)


Gracing the cover of the August 2020 edition of Vogue Japan, BTS all donned Prada. But it was Jungkook’s Nylon gabardine blouson jacket that stood out.

Not long after the teaser video of the magazine was released, the $2,820-worth jacket was sold out across 25 countries including Japan, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, and the US.

70’s Denim Jacket. (Photo from Louis Vuitton)

Louis Vuitton

Fans have always been eagle-eyed for spotting outfits and products members use. Although the image was blurry, the BTS ARMY were able to identify the jacket Jungkook wore in Virgil Abloh’s Instagram story. It was Louis Vuitton’s 70’s Denim Jacket worth $2,850. , the jacket was sold out across the French luxury brand’s websites in 16 countries.

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LEFT: Logo-print cotton jersey t-shirt. (Photo from Weverse) RIGHT: Logo medium t-shirt. (Photo from Balenciaga)


Known for his easy and uncomplicated styles, the youngest BTS member favors oversized shirts and jeans. In the 104th episode of the group’s variety show RUN BTS!, he wore a Balenciaga Logo-print cotton jersey t-shirt. While it is no longer available on the websites, there are closer substitutes like the Logo medium shirt and BB Corp medium shirt.

LEFT: Jeon Jungkook during his V-Live broadcast in 2019. RIGHT: Umani Ronchi Vigor.

Umani Ronchi

In one of his V-Live broadcasts, the vocalist drank an Umani Ronchi wine, a Vigor Marche IGT Sangiovese-Merlot. According to Elite Daily, the wine was sold out in South Korea within 24 hours.

Fortunately, it has been two years since then. Newer fans and wine connoisseurs alike can now have a bottle of this fruity red boasting intense aromas of sour cherry, red currant, and raspberry with hints of cedar and cloves.

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As an enthusiast of all-black ensembles, Jungkook usually finishes his look with his signature chunky boots. On a couple of public appearances like their group meeting for their album BE and the RUN BTS! episode 110, he wore Prada’s chunky sole combat boots. Shortly after the meeting aired, the boots worth $1,200 were sold out within a day.

Currently, the combat boots are no longer available on Prada’s website. But there are alternatives like Monolith leather and nylon booties for women and Brushed leather and nylon combat boots for men.

Banner photo from the BTS official Facebook account.

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