Bucket List: This Bakery in Japan Regularly Draws Lines Of Up To 4 Hours Long - Food & Travel

The greatest thing since sliced bread? People waiting in line seem to think so.

Amam Dacotan, a specialty bakery with locations in the Japanese cities of Tokyo and Fukuoka, is gaining attention for its hourlong queues.

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The bakery draws lines between three to four hours on average. Both in Tokyo and Fukuoka, these queues have been consistently long over the past six months.

@ahjoomahan Would you wait FOUR hours for bread? Visited the current most popular bakery in Tokyo #amamdacotan #bread #bakery #tokyo #fyp ♬ original sound – ahjoomahan

Japanese content creator Ajhoomahan further observed how these lines were so orderly.

Amam Dacotan first grabbed the notice of locals in 2020 with the Maritozzo, its take on the Italian sweet buns stuffed with whipped cream. It has since grown to provide seasonal offerings that keep customers coming back for more.

“The biggest feature of Amam Dacotan is the voluminous visuals… You can enjoy not only the appearance. But also the texture with the topping that makes the best use of the material,” reads a post on the bakery’s website.

Bread products include savory, sweet, rustic, levain, baguette, plain, simple, and sustaina varieties. All of these are baked fresh daily.

Bread and butter

The bakery makes the dough from domestic wheat and ferments the bread over a 15-hour period. It retains the bread’s moisture by adjusting the temperature and steam while checking the condition of the dough on a particular date.

The Amam Dacotan bakers then sandwich the finished bread with different types of filling. These include homemade side dishes, red bean paste, condensed milk butter, and more.

“It’s as hectic as being on the battlefield every day,” one baker described in a company video.

Banner Photo via Amam Dacotan’s Instagram

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