3 Reasons We Love Burberry's new DK88 Collection -

Inspired by Burberry’s iconic Trench Leather, the new DK88 collection has finally revealed its full assortment of bags and pieces. Here are three reasons, we’re falling for the playful, new collection.

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DK88 collection

1. It pays homage to Burberry’s roots, although brings it to the modern age. 

The DK88 collection pays tribute to the fabric at the very center of the Burberry story, Trench Leather. The name itself is in reference to the brand’s signature honey-colored gabardine fabric. It is the code they use to refer to the fabric within the company. It was patented and found by Thomas Burberry at 1888, and is still used today to make Burberry’s iconic trench coats.

To bring it into the modern age, the fashion house has decided to release this new, permanent bag collection using Trench leather. New sizes, styles and colors are already available at stores. The DK88 Top Handle bag sits at the heart of the collection. Sleek and sculpted, the bag is ideal for the modern women, and yet, still recalls the classic grace that Burberry has always epitomized.

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2. We’re all about color and variety. 

Numerous colors and sizes are available for those interested in the new DK88 collection. There are variations for both men and women. DK88 includes seven different styles that includes satchels, luggage-shaped bags, and top handles. A variety of colors are already available with a palette ranging from black to dark navy, honey tan, antique red, dark forest green, different hues of blue, blossom pink, celadon green and an elegant ash rose.


3. Playful bags means fun mix and match sessions. 

With the addition of new playful colors, fashion lovers are expected to be more playful when putting ensembles together. Burberry’s latest presentation in London on February 2017 including this campaign shoot (full gallery below) showing DK88’s versatile sense of style and fun. Casual or more formal looks can be matched with a top handle, bright yellow raincoats go well with the maroon backpack, a classic grey ensemble will pop with a bright yellow satchel. The options are endless for those who just want to have fun.

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