Camera Ready: Society Guests At The 2023 MEGA Ball

Manila society came dressed to the nines in this year’s MEGA Ball, with outfits that encapsulated creativity, style, and timeless sophistication. 

This year’s MEGA Ball honored the innate creativity of Filipinos with the theme “MEGA Ball: Art and Fashion.” Besides paying tribute to some of the country’s best artists and emerging talents, the event was also an opportunity for guests to showcase their impeccable sense of style. Society darlings gathered and dressed to the nines, following the dress code in creative and chic ways. In some sense, these outfits transformed their wearers into living works of art themselves.  

Some ensembles incorporated elements of Filipino culture through their designs or use of local textiles, while others turned heads with their daring and contemporary silhouettes. 

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Below are some of the society guests who graced this year’s MEGA Ball with their style and poise: 

Sheila Romero and Mikee Romero

The co-chair of this year’s ball was none other than Sheila Romero. An avid art collector and stylish society personality, Romero exuded grace with a white gown that suited the ball’s artistic theme. The dress featured a unique, glittery sweetheart neckline, as well as abstract patterns painted by one of the evening’s art awardees, Chelsea Theodossis. Politician and Sheila’s husband, Mikee Romero, came dressed in a black barong that looked distinguished yet contemporary.

Mikee Romero and Sheila Romero

Teresa Herrera-Anthony 

Model and actress Teresa Herrera-Anthony hosted this year’s MEGA Ball with grace and finesse. Herrera-Anthony came dressed in an eye-catching gown that looked both delicate and ethereal, with white fabric cut and shaped into a majestic, swan-like silhouette. 

Teresa Herrera-Anthony

Carol Garcia, Tina Cuevas, and Agnes Huibonhua

Former beauty queen Carol Garcia can be seen posing with two other society darlings: hotelier Tina Cuevas and Honorary Consul of The Republic of Gambia, Agnes Huibonhua. The trio looked stunning and perfectly coordinated with their elegant black-and-white ensembles. 

L-R: Carol Garcia, Tina Cuevas, and Agnes Huibonhua

Suzette Ayson 

Suzette Ayson certainly didn’t miss the memo when it came to dress code. The esteemed jeweler was dressed in an all-white outfit that screamed chic. Her ensemble for the evening consisted of a white blazer, collared top, and voluminous white skirt. These were accented by a mother of pearl purse, and of course, fine jewels. 

Suzette Ayson

Annette Gozon Valdes

Annette Gozon Valdes came dressed in a sleek black gown with beaded accents at the shoulder. Understated yet sophisticated, the gown was perfectly paired with long black gloves and sparkling earrings. 

Annette Gozon Valdes

Heart Evangelista and Francis “Chiz” Escudero

The ever-fashionable Heart Evangelista came dressed in an all-Schiaparelli outfit that turned heads throughout the evening. Her black gown featured a gold chain neck halter, which complemented the gold and silver accessories that adorned her from head-to-toe. Her husband, Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero, was also impeccably dressed. He attended the ball in sharp and classy black suit that paired well with her outfit as they stood side by side.

Heart Evangelista and Francis “Chiz” Escudero

Roxanne and Erickson Farillas

Roxanne and Erickson Farillas showcased their love for all things sartorial through their chosen ball outfits. The couple behind fashion brand Plains and Prints came dressed to impress, with Roxanne sporting a lacy terno-style dress and Erickson donning a dapper black suit and silver tie. 

Roxanne and Erickson Farillas

Carlo Calma and Jojie Dingcong

Architect Carlo Calma donned an all-black look, with a sharp collared top featuring shiny embellishments. Calma then topped this off with a uniquely-shaped black purse that looked like a piece from the art exhibition. 

Carlo Calma and Jojie Dingcong

Posing beside him is the fabulous Jojie Dingcong. The renowned talent manager also attended the ball in a memorable outfit composed of soft, beige ruffles and a structured silhouette. 

Rhian Ramos and Sam Verzosa

Actress Rhian Ramos came dressed in a sheer, long-sleeved gown from Chris Nick that artfully wrapped around her silhouette. Sam Verzosa also wore a powerful all-black ensemble featuring a suit jacket with striped embellishments and embroidery. 

L-R: Rhian Ramos, Sam Verzosa, Randolf Palanca, and Archie Carrasco

Karlo Nograles, Marga Nograles, Em Villar, and Mark Villar

Society’s husband and wife duos were truly a sight to behold with their fashionable and timeless looks. Lawyer-politician Karlo Nograles and Senator Mark Villar came dressed in classic barongs with beautiful stitching. Meanwhile, their wives Marga Nograles and Em Villar sported layered and flowing dresses in powder-pink shades. 

L-R: Karlo Nograles, Marga Nograles, Em Villar, and Mark Villar

Verniece Enciso, Alfred Dichaves, Vern Enciso, and Ben Lim

More couples came to impress at the ball, as sisters Verniece and Vern Enciso were visions of glamor along with their husbands Alfred Dichaves and Ben Lim.

L-R: Ben Lim, Vern Enciso-Lim, Verniece Enciso-Dichaves, and Alfred Dichaves

Verniece wore a sparkling pink gown with a matching cape and glittering diamond necklace. Meanwhile, Vern looked like a classic Hollywood star in a form–fitting beige gown paired with a fabulous white train. Dichaves and Lim came dressed in matching beige suits that completed the group’s amazing outfit coordination.

Monica Prieto-Teodoro, Gilbert Teodoro, and Mark Bumgarner

Acclaimed fashion designer Mark Bumgarner and lawyer-politician Gilbert Teodoro both came in intricate barongs that showcased the beauty of local designs. Fellow politician and wife to Gilbert, Monica “Nikki” Prieto-Teodoro, came in a stunning glittery beige top paired with a black skirt and pearl necklace. 

L-R: Monica Prieto-Teodoro, Mark Bumgarner, Carol Garcia, and Gilbert Teodoro

Mario Que, Mimi Que, Aivee Teo, and Z Teo

Entrepreneur Mario Que and his socialite wife Mimi Que were a picture of sophistication. Mario came dressed in a refined barong while Mimi came in a sleek white gown, accented with a colorful ribbon strap at the waist, a silver necklace, and dangling earrings. 

L-R: Mario Que, Mimi Que, Aivee Teo, and Z Teo

Posing with them is husband and wife duo Aivee Teo and Z Teo, who both helm the famous Aivee Clinic. The pair looked flawless in matching black ensembles: Aivee in a frilly black skirt and top, and Z in a dark suit jacket and white shirt (with unique black accents on the collar). 

Mutya Crisostomo and Jinggoy Buensuceso

Awardee artist Jinggoy Buensuceso came dressed like a modern superstar, with an unbuttoned silky beige shirt, suit jacket, and necklace. His plus one and actress, Mutya Crisostomo, wore a matching beige dress sporting graceful bird illustrations that suited the occasion. 

Mutya Crisostomo and Jinggoy Buensuceso

Linda Ley and Ruby Chua

Society darling Linda Ley was a muse in nude pink alongside Ruby Chua. Both women donned flowing dresses with fresh and feminine designs, which were topped off with sparkling accents and jewelry that looked divine. 

L-R: Linda Ley, Carlo Calma, and Ruby Chua

Photos by Ed Simon, Kieran Punay, and Excel Panlaque of Kliq, Inc.

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