It's In Her Blood: Camille Villar On Managing a Business Empire

This cover story was originally written by Pipo Gonzales for Lifestyle Asia’s July 2019 Edition titled, “Visionaries In Their Own Right.”

Since her younger years, Camille Villar followed the footsteps of her parents in their real estate business. She spent much of her childhood at the site of their company’s projects. There she witnessed the passion and commitment of her parents while at work. “Being able to work with my dad has enabled me to learn many things and has inspired me, to be passionate about what I do and to love what I do.” This encouraged her to stay in their family business. Experiences in the industry eventually molded Camille to be a visionary in her own right.

A work in progress

Through the wisdom Vista Land Chairman Manny Villar and Senator Cynthia Villar imparted to her, Camille learned to keep herself grounded. As a leader, she admits she is still a work in progress. “But, I think I learned from my dad to be somewhat of a consensus builder,” she says. “I don’t ask my people to do something that I cannot do myself. I do try to lead by example [as] I care about what my people think.” This kind of leadership sprang from both styles of her parents. She claims Manny is a visionary leader while Cynthia leans towards acting as a coach to her team.

Creating a vision for the industry

Although Vista Land is an ever-growing empire with its influence on different communities, Camille shares her father continue to innovate. “There are a lot of changes now in the landscape, and he’s always like, ‘We have to be able to adapt.'” she says. Hence, it is critical for businesses to understand trends and create a strategy for applying them to the market. After all, the Villar family envisions to be a “full-service real estate company.” Camille explains, “Regardless of what the trend is, we’re just trying to create living spaces for the people who have already bought homes for us. All our expansion is grounded on that.”

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