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Cris Aldeguer-Roque, president & chief executive officer of Kamiseta Group of Companies, shares why she established Kamiseta Skin Clinic and how self-care and building inner confidence are so vital to living your best life.

When Cris Aldeguer-Roque talks about Kamiseta Skin Clinic, there is a sense of pride and determination that comes across immediately. She calls her vision for the clinic, the mantra of affordable luxury. It’s a catchy phrase that might have come from an advertising agency brainstorming, rather than a successful businessperson.

Aldeguer-Roque enthusiastically shares, “Kamiseta Skin is different from other clinics only because we follow our mantra of affordable luxury. I want the patients/customers to know that limited resources are not a hindrance in availing of the most premium skin treatments. Kamiseta Skin Clinic provides treatments and services that people used to dream of or think that only the elite can avail of.”

Cris Aldeguer-Roque, president and chief executive officer of Kamiseta Group of Companies

The clinic’s first branch opened on August 2, 2017 in Ayala Malls The 30th, Ortigas and was closely followed by another clinic in BGC and soon after another one in Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. By yearend, the latest branch in Westgate, Alabang will be opening, thereby providing a Kamiseta Skin Clinic branch in the four corners of the Metro.

For those who know Kamiseta fashion, a pillar in the local fashion scene, the skin clinic was a welcome addition to the brand’s product line. Aldeguer-Roque assures that every patient and customer gets the best quality treatments and services performed by excellent board-certified doctors. Kamiseta Skin Clinic doctors make sure that treatments and services are customized for each person’s particular needs and that they can be assured of excellent results.

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“We take the money that is paid to us very seriously as we know this is hard-earned, so we do our best to give each patient the excellent treatment they deserve,”adds Aldeguer-Roque.

When asked where the idea for a clinic came from, after establishing a successful clothing line, Aldeguer-Roque replies,“I believe that there is a synergy between clothing and skin. These two, at peak condition, make the perfect combination for every person to achieve beauty. Kamiseta Skin Clinic was born because I felt that I wanted Kamiseta customers to be able to avail of premium laser treatments at an affordable price, but in a very luxurious setting which is how we’ve styled all our clinics.”

While the benefits of a skin clinic may seem unimportant to some and perhaps existing only to fan people’s vanity, Aldeguer-Roque thinks otherwise. “There are so many benefits and so many positive changes that people can get from our treatments available in the clinic, but the most important benefit is the building and strengthening of inner confidence that the enhancement of our outer beauty brings with each treatment and service. After treatment, patients will be able to tell themselves that they are beautiful both inside and out.”

While there have been challenges along the way, they have not been significant enough to deter Aldeguer-Roque from turning her plans into reality.

“The first and biggest challenge was getting started, but since Kamiseta has been a household brand for 30 years, it was easy for us to get our name out there. Kamiseta has been known for quality, so it was easy to get our customers to give us a try. We just focused on getting our Kamiseta clothing customers to try our clinic and the rest is history,” she says, smiling.

With four branches open by the end of this year and three more to open next year, the continuous expansion of Kamiseta Skin Clinic is unstoppable. Aldeguer-Roque is determined, “I want to have more Kamiseta customers experience the excellence of Kamiseta Skin Clinic.”

In the face of the pandemic, it must have been quite a feat to open yet another skin clinic branch, when so many businesses were closing.

“Every business had to adjust to the new normal. Just like everyone else we had no choice but to follow and now it just feels like the usual with additional protocols which we strictly adhere to for the care and protection of our patients, doctors, nurses, staff, and everyone else in our clinic.”

According to Aldeguer-Roque, the first biggest challenge in getting the clinic off the ground was actually getting started, but since Kamiseta has been a household brand for 30 years, it was relatively easy, because people recognized the brand name.

While roadblocks and challenges are part of business and also part of life, Aldeguer-Roque advises, “You must be strong and composed in dealing with problems. Stay focused!”

Sage advice from someone who has it all together. She attributes this success to God, expressing deep gratitude for the opportunity to do what she does and for the chance to make the most and the best of the life that has been given to her. She says her life has been one of no regrets. She also acknowledges her deep belief that self-care is vital to both the mind and body, citing both self-care and love of self as the highest forms of love.

When asked to enumerate her favorite treatments at the Kamiseta Skin Clinic, her reply takes less than a second, “My favorite treatment is everything that has to do with tightening, anti-aging, and contouring. At my age I need this to make sure that I slow down my aging process and because of this, I continue to age gracefully. We have a wide range of treatments and services for everyone who goes to Kamiseta Skin Clinic, but most importantly we want each and every customer to feel secure and confident after visiting us.”

Photos by Excel Panlaque of Studio 100.

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