Personalized Poems, Multigenre Music, and Fine Jewelry at Cartier’s Singapore Pop-Up

There are two sides to every story. This is the concept embodied by Cartier’s Clash de Cartier collection, a new signature that simultaneously champions and eschews classic forms from the Maison’s storied heritage. Last November 15-17, 2019, Cartier opened an experiential pop-up for guests to explore their alter ego–the other side of their story–and embrace this concept of duality.

Dressing Singapore’s STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery in Cartier’s iconic red hue, the Maison presented its first and largest ever pop-up activation in Southeast Asia, where the Clash de Cartier collection came to life. The unconventional and immersive spaces in the studio encouraged the public to explore their own clash of attitudes through literature, music, and art.

Photo from Cartier

Every visit was guaranteed to be unique. Beginning their journey through oppositions, guests answered a simple questionnaire to determine their starting point: the bookstore or the record store. The bookstore featured a wall lined with a curated selection of literature that contrast in themes, genres, and content. On the opposite side, poets sat behind vintage typewriters and handed out personalized haikus to guests as mementos. Each poem is crafted and customized based on a personality test that determined each guest’s alter ego. 

Photo from Cartier

On the contrary, the record store tingled guests’ auditory senses instead of the visual. Futuristic sound showers gave guests the opportunity to listen to the Clash de Cartier playlist curated by leading French sound designer, Michel Gaubert. The playlist brought together genres from across the spectrum in one musical mix from serene classical to heart-pumping rock. A Spotify code was also available for guests to scan and save the playlist on their phones.

Photo from Cartier

Guests were then invited to lounge in the studio’s picturesque cafe–a stark juxtaposition of Eastern and Western interior design. The wooden-textured walls with gold trimmings and bannister chairs were halted by the cafe’s Eastern half of cream-colored walls, sofa booths, and glowing light tubes. Complimentary pastries and drinks were also served. The cafe then led into a hands-on area for everyone to try on the latest pieces from the Clash de Cartier collection.

Shop the Clash de Cartier collection online. For updates on the latest events and collections from Cartier, visit their website.

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