Cartier Welcomes You to Its Newly Reimagined Home of Charms - Objects of luxury

Like any art of craftsmanship, beauty takes time. And now, Cartier is ready to welcome us all to its newly designed 13 rue de la Paix

Paris—a city with such a rich history—remains recognized for its celebrations of the arts and iconic craftsmanship. It is also the home of Cartier, a first-class Maison that pioneered its own take on jewelry and watchmaking since its beginnings in 1847. Continually making its share of history in the world, Cartier is set to open a new chapter with its newly reimagined home of charms, 13 rue de la Paix.

A fine blend of the sensational journey and new immersive experiences await you at the newly renovated flagship boutique. Breathing this new beauty to life is through the great imagineers: Moinard Bétaille, Studioparisien, and Laura Gonzalez as architectural and design partners of Cartier.

The new Cartier boutique’s atrium.

Two years in the making, the entire renovation team was able to implement its distinct Cartier identity and signature while upholding timeless elegance and modern-day relevance.

Moinard Bétaille, long-term collaborator of Cartier, flaunts the starting floors of the new building from the ground level to the second with a high sense of space generosity, allowing its valued guests’ free discovery and great exploration at the new Maison. 

Faune et Flore Salon on the second floor of the boutique.

The unique magic of the works, Cartier’s exclusive services such as maintenance, personalization, and repairs are designated on the third and fourth floors, with an interior design carefully curated by Studioparisien. Parisian creative codes are evident in the room as inspiration derived from the Maison’s beginnings, along with a touch of subtle modern elements.

And for such exclusive Cartier gatherings, with Laura Gonzalez’s expertise, the fifth and top floor illuminates a design that elevates the total residence-like experience. These floors are specially appointed with their own winter garden, a space for its precious archives, and designated leeways for events. As a globally renowned luxury brand, these floors are embellished with multicultural elements and assembled thoroughly so that it creates unity and harmony in its total ambiance.

The Jean Cocteau Salon on the boutique’s ground floor.
© Comité Cocteau / 2022, ProLitteris, Zürich.

As the Maison is situated in the City of Lights, the architecture and design of the building also ensure a flood of light into the premises of the renovated establishment for a sense of openness and warm ambiance. Notable to it are the glass walls and a roof that allows light to traverse through freely. This new design is also calibrated with sustainability in mind as part of its conscious efforts towards obtaining a BREEAM environmental certification, at its highest grade, in the coming future.

History maker and industry shaker, Cartier continues to deliver its promise in the high art of jewelry and watchmaking. Staying true to that commitment, Cartier is ready to welcome you as you revel in a historic landmark renewed. 

 In the Philippines, Cartier is located at Greenbelt 4, Solaire Resorts and Casino, and Rustan’s Shangri-La Plaza.

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