Casa Bella Celebrates the Opening of Its Flagship Showroom in Makati

Founders and owners Joseph Tay and Stenie Coyiuto celebrate the 10th anniversary of Casa Bella with family, friends, and business partners who have been with them in this journey

With over a decade in business, Casa Bella Home & Living has been the carrier of the world’s leading brands in design pieces. With the recent opening of their flagship showroom in Makati, Casa Bella continues its goal of helping clients create beautiful spaces for their homes. To celebrate an important occasion, founders and owners Joseph Tay and Stephanie Coyiuto invited good friends and partner designers and architects. The opening of the showroom is another milestone for the couple working side by side to take the furniture concept shop into greater heights.

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Casa Bella founders and owners Joseph and Stephanie Coyiuto-Tay inaugurate the flagship furniture showroom with the President of SM Engineering and Design Hans Jr. Sy, Alice Eduardo, Mayor Abigail Binay, Congresswoman Lani Cayetano, Kitkat Zobel, Che Uy, and Peter Coyiuto.

Pursuing the vision

The idea to start Casa Bella Home & Living began from the growing market on furniture and home decor. Back in 2008 and 2009, Stenie noticed how people were beginning to appreciate good design and to express creativity. Yet Stenie shares modern pieces or even Scandinavian designs were not popular at that time. Thus, the company hesitated to bring in clean and minimalist pieces. “Back then, people were more into heavy pieces of furniture,” Stenie says. “So we were nervous [for the market to think], ‘Oh what’s this?’, ‘Why is it so simple?’ [But] we wanted good quality furniture that lasts [longer and] not necessarily ornate-type pieces.”

In spite of the doubts, Stenie and Joseph remained determined to pursue the company’s concept and vision. It turned out to be a great decision, with the numerous clients, designers, and international brands Casa Bella does business with. With the opening of their flagship showroom, it has become a positive mark of the company’s continuous growth. Among the factors that contribute to this is how the owners believe and follow the trend of moving fast within the industry. “Be very open-minded and creative and dynamic and you have to move fast,” Stenie says continuing, “With technology, everything moves so fast. I think even more than before, you have to be on your toes and be alert as to what are the changes in the market.”

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Joseph Tay, Architect Ramon Antonio, and Stephanie Coyiuto-Tay.
Stephanie Coyiuto-Tay, Alice Eduardo, and Che Uy.

A remarkable journey

At the opening of the flagship showroom, guests couldn’t help but delight in the wonderful floral displays. As Steph shared in her Instagram post, “A few weeks ago, I told Joseph that I wanted to create floral lighting installations for the launch and never once did he blink in helping with this idea.” The flowers came from Steph’s own floral studio Fig & Vine located within the Casa Bella building. The sight and scent of lush flowers filled the spaces of the rooms. They were wonderful decorations, a visual feast to prepare the guests to see the modern showrooms of Casa Bella’s partner brands like Kettal, Henge, and Cassina. Among the distinguished guests at the inauguration were Sheila Romero, Che Uy, and Patty Ang. Everyone enjoyed the celebration, coming together to help Joseph and Steph in this remarkable journey.

Scroll below to see the rest of the honored guests at Casa Bella’s 10th anniversary.

Photos from Casa Bella Home & Living.

Sheila Romero.
Mikaela Martinez and Xandra Rocha.
Heart Ongpauco-Escudero.
Patty Ang and Migs Almeda.
Ces M. Tan, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and Tootsy Angara.
Elena and Peter Coyiuto.
Karen Santos, Lizze Eder Zobel, and  Anne Marie Saguil.
Architect Jonathan Matti and Peter Coyiuto.
Stephanie Coyiuto-Tay, Tim Yap, and Mitch Tan.
Rajo Laurel.
Bong Rojales, Rossy Rojales, Stephanie Coyiuto-Tay, and Joseph Tay.

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