Phoebe Philo and Her Continuing Legacy

Get to know one of the creative directors who started the quiet luxury trend.

Nowadays, quiet luxury is a trend that people tend to gravitate towards. Furthermore, the trend gave birth to people’s affixation in sleek, chic, and logoless clothes that embody quiet luxury. Brands such as Loro Piana, Bottega Veneta, and Lemaire Paris became the talk of the town because of the quiet luxury trend. However, before the quiet luxury trended online, Phoebe Philo spearheaded the movement when she was in Céline. 

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Who is she? 

Phoebe Philo is a designer known for her feminine design prowess. Phoebe started her design career as a student in Central Saint Martins. She joined her friend, Stella McCartney, in Chloé as her first assistant in 1997. Eventually, when McCartney left the brand, it was Phoebe who assumed the creative direction of the beloved French brand. She eventually stayed as the brand’s creative director from 2001 to 2006. 

Phoebe Philo
Phoebe Philo/ Photo via Britannica

After leaving Chloè, Phoebe decided to have a two-year hiatus. Then, it was announced in 2008 that she would be the new creative director of Celinè. Her role as Celinè’s creative director cemented her name as one of the best designers of her time. She created designs that exude femininity. She is also known for the iconic bags she created for the brand the Luggage, the Trapeze, and the classic Box Bag. However, Phoebe left the brand in 2017, ending her tenure as one of the most iconic creative directors.

Celinè nano luggage
Celinè nano luggage/ Photo via Celinè website

Where is she? 

After her stint in Celinè, people were looking for her. People miss her feminine sensibilities translated into her design. Fortunately, it is announced that she will be returning to her design roots with her own line. Phoebe has confirmed the label is set to launch in October.

Phoebe Philo quiet luxury
Phoebe Philo Celinè dress/ Photo via Instagram @oldcelinemarket

Coming back from her hiatus, people are expecting that her debut collection from her own brand will carry the same design identity she built over the years. After inspiring a trend that the internet grew to love, her own label will surely create waves in fashion.

Banner photo via Britannica.

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