MoCAF Champions Local Artists And Galleries

MoCAF enables their mission to uplift the local art industry by representing Filipino artists and galleries.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s October 2023 Issue.

Appreciating art is sometimes perceived to be either elitist or that it is an acquired taste. However that should not be the case—art should be loved, admired, and appreciated across all demographics. Emerging modern and contemporary art is a sprout blossoming through a cement-paved road. There is a thick layer of fear, uncertainty, and doubt that artists and their art breakthrough before blooming into their full glory.

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Works by National Artists Abdulmari Imao and Federico Aguilar Alcuaz
Works by National Artists Abdulmari Imao and Federico Aguilar Alcuaz

MoCAF, or the Modern and Contemporary Art Festival, returned to further uplift both established and upcoming artists in the Philippines. The event was held at the Fairmont Hotel, Makati. This year, the art festival aims to expand the growing and emerging art community outside the old-fashioned narrative—aiming to broaden the reach of people who can and would appreciate art.


Aside from the art festival proper, MoCAF had events that pushed the boundaries of who should enjoy art. “This 2023, we intend to expand MoCAF by having different events outside the festival walls. We are still standing by the community but reaching out to a wider range of younger audiences. It gives an opportunity to not just empower and inspire the youth, but also give a chance for the ever-growing art community to flourish,” MoCAF festival director Coleen Wong said.

Sculpture by Kim Borja
Sculpture by Kim Borja

Events such as painting and printmaking workshops were part of the whole MoCAF experience. “More and more people are getting into art. And they believe that art shouldn’t be just on the walls—it should be something that’s part of life and something that everyone can enjoy. So this year, we’re starting with MoCAF XP, which is a different take,” festival chairman Ricky Francisco explained.

Sculpture by Demi Padua
Sculpture by Demi Padua

This year’s MoCAF made sure to further push the agenda that art is for everybody. The Philippines has a rich creative industry, but sadly, the industry itself is underpaid and underappreciated. Efforts such as what MoCAF did expands the horizon for every Filipino artist, whether established or emerging. MoCAF’s steps may be considered small ones, but small steps create bigger leaps—taking each Filipino artist closer to the recognition they deserve.

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Photos courtesy of the Modern and Contemporary Art Festival.

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