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The Singleton defies the rules in drinking whisky; break free.

Sure, rules keep things aligned with expected favorable outcomes. They provide certainty and consistency. But some rules do not also work in someone’s favor—especially when it comes to enjoying whisky. With the right mix of everything, The Singleton breaks free from these rules so you can enjoy your whisky your way.

How exactly is The Singleton breaking free from these rules? Through The Singleton Social and by featuring more ways than one to drink your The Singleton.

The Singleton Social

Whether your taste buds prefer western or eastern cuisine, there’s always The Singleton you can match it up with. The Singleton formed The Singleton Social. It’s a social group of restaurants of various concepts, catering to the different taste preferences of customers, that readily offers the award-winning single malt Scotch whisky. This way, you can always explore and enjoy the vibrant restaurant scene of the city without missing The Singleton. 

The Singleton Social includes: Prologue, Manduca Taberna, Mango Tree in BGC and City of Dreams Manila, Bondi & Bourke, Ikomai Tochi, Kobe Jones, Mijo Comfort Food, Nikkei (Rada, Newport & Rockwell), Pardon My French, Salt & Ice Bar, Senryo, Sunae, The European Diner, and Xi by Cafe Guilt.

Complement your Ikomai dining with The Singleton

The Singleton Social was officially launched on September 28 this year, hosted by no less than The Singleton enthusiast himself and food entrepreneur Erwan Heussaff. With him on the stage is World Class Philippines’ Bartender of the Year 2022 Claude Delima. 

Best experience Salt & Ice Bar with The Singleton
The Singleton in Xi by Guilt Cafe

Together, they let the audience witness how The Singleton can be blended in various ways, depending on your preferences. With a special dinner menu curated by Mijo head Chef Enrique Moreno, the journey of personally enjoying The Singleton began with delectable selections. From being smooth and sweet to having it in your personal mix, The Singleton has no rulebook for you to enjoy it. 

Enjoy in more ways than one

Much like how various customers have various personalities and preferences, The Singleton is embracing these individualities by making this whisky enjoyable in more ways than one.

For those who savor smooth and lusciously rich flavors, you’ll find your best dining companion with The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old. Plus, you are given the option of having it neat or on the rocks. 

Match your Mango Tree experience with The Singleton

If you are the one who finds a light and fruity drink most satisfying, “The Singleton Orchard” is on the menu. It comes in a fruity and effervescent cocktail aura from a mix of one part The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old, one part apple juice, and one part soda water. Fill with ice and garnish with your choice between mint or apple slices, and you’re ready to relish this special The Singleton spirit.

The third way to enjoy The Singleton in The Singleton Social drinks menu elevates exclusivity for a much special experience. Each restaurant partner from The Singleton Social curates their own special “The Singleton Plus Two” cocktail for their respective markets, a unique mix for each unique resto experience. 

If you want to be playful on your own with your favorite bottle of The Singleton, have the liberty to do so. Erwan sampled by making his own mix with his The Singleton that he calls “Single Penny Lane”: one part The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old, one part pineapple juice, and one part ginger ale. 

Terracota + The Singleton, an exceptional pair
Senryo is best shared with The Singleton

Making the restaurant scene in Manila more vibrant is The Singleton, which embraces and celebrates individualities, offering more ways than one to enjoy your dining experience, making it more special. Book your reservations in any participating restaurant of The Singleton Social, and enjoy The Singleton your way.

Restaurant partners are growing in The Singleton Social. To keep updated on the latest list of The Singleton Social outlets, you may follow The Singleton on their official Instagram page.

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