Marco Vargas And Tisha De Ocampo Weds, Honors Family

Marco Vargas and Tisha De Ocampo embarked on their road to forever while honoring their family heritage.

This is an excerpt from Lifestyle Asia’s December 2023/January 2024 Issue.

Nothing feels greater than meeting someone who has the same values you hold dear in your heart. For Tisha de Ocampo and Marco Vargas, they knew instantly that they were made for each other the more they got to know one another.

Before taking off to forever, a common work colleague from a bank introduced Tisha and Marco. Tisha recounted that their mutual colleague was responsible for their inevitable communication through giving Marco her number. He asked her on a date eventually.

The couple spent six wonderful years together and got married on September 29, 2023. The wedding ceremony took place at the Santuario de San Antonio Parish and the reception was in The Fifth at Rockwell.

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An unforgettable belated birthday gift

The couple realized as well that they are best friends too, comfortable with each other and can openly discuss anything. That’s when they knew that they’re ready to spend a lifetime together.

Marco recounted the day he proposed, which happened a day after Tisha’s birthday. He told her that he was planning a celebration for the both of them as she would be leaving for New York the next day.

Marco brought Tisha in his parents’ condominium and set the place up to look like a restaurant. There, the couple had a nice, intimate supper.

The lovely couple, Marco Vargas and Tisha De Ocampo, share a kiss
The lovely couple, Marco and Tisha Vargas, share a kiss/Photo from Toto Villaruel

Marco proceeded to present Tisha’s gifts, where one of them had a small box with an engagement ring. He got down on one knee and proposed as soon as she saw what was inside the little box.

Endearing tributes

Tisha’s cousin, celebrated Filipino designer Rajo Laurel, designed her a gown that embedded their 96-year old grandmother, Potenciana “Nita” Laurel Yupangco’s own dress worn in the 1950s. Mama Nita, as she is fondly called by her grandchildren, happens to be the daughter of the late Philippine President Jose P. Laurel. Philippine national artist Ramon Valera originally designed her dress that featured a panuelo collar, sheer terno sleeves and a knife pleated hemline accented with hand embroidered calla lilies.

Tisha posing for a photo with Potenciana “Nita” Laurel Yupangco, fondly known as Mama Nita
Tisha posing for a photo with her grandmother, Potenciana “Nita” Laurel Yupangco, fondly known as Mama Nita/Photo from Toto Villaruel

Tisha shared Rajo’s Instagram post where he shared more details about the dress. Mama Nita kept the gown tucked away in her chest, waiting for the right time to bestow it to a family member about to get married. Mama Nita requested Tisha to take a look at her gown and use it as her own once she got engaged.

Rajo recounted that Tisha loved the idea and gave him a call. The gown was still in pristine condition so it was easy to incorporate it in an updated design that is still “very Tisha.” The gown features a beautiful strapless bodice, a detachable panuelo that echoed Mama Nita’s gown, and a timeless pleated hem. It became one of Rajo’s most beautiful restorative projects.

Tisha’s gown incorporated Mama Nita’s wedding dress through Rajo Laurel’s brilliant restoration
Tisha’s gown incorporated Mama Nita’s wedding dress through Rajo Laurel’s brilliant restoration/Photo from Toto Villaruel

Tisha shared that Mama Nita felt nostalgic and astonished when she saw Rajo’s beautiful re-interpretation of her wedding gown, now worn by her granddaughter on her wedding day.

The Filipino designer incorporated a couple more details for both Tisha’s and Marco’s moms. For Tisha’s mom’s gown, he included her great-grandmother’s material into what she wore for her daughter’s special day.

Rajo then transformed the old barong and piña pieces from Marco’s late maternal grandparents’ ensembles. His mom wanted to honor her parents, who had just passed away, through her dress for the wedding. Marco’s mom had it delicately dyed in Iloilo and had Rajo transform it into a masterpiece, like a beautiful love letter encompassed in a dress.

Marco with his parents, Vincent S. Vargas and Mercedes “Cedie” Lopez-Vargas
Marco with his parents, Vincent and Mercedes “Cedie” Vargas/Photo from Toto Villaruel
Tisha with her parents, Emmanuel de Ocampo and Regina Yupangco de Ocampo
Tisha with her parents, Emmanuel and Regina de Ocampo/Photo from Toto Villaruel

The couple’s families as their wedding highlight

The couple’s special day overflowed with memories that are truly one for the books. They had a personal pick of every single detail in the wedding, and not just that– their families were very much involved in every step.

Tisha and Marco’s story testified how their support for each other makes love work, and how their innate familial values create an unbreakable bond. With family by their side, the couple is set to breaking boundaries together as behind them stands a firm foundation.

Banner photo from Toto Villaruel.

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