Zoom HIIT, Virtual Boxing, And Other Challenging Workouts You Can Take On At Home

Want to make good (finally) on your New Year’s fitness resolution this month, but don’t know where to start? Here are workout and program ideas from some of your favorite gyms, studios, and training centers.

With quarantine restrictions still in place all over the country, many are still reluctant to go out to work out. Thankfully, fitness studios have started offering classes and training remotely to address this need. While it may not be the same as being in the same room with your fitness buddies and an instructor, trainers continue to evolve with the times and we are seeing an even wider variety of classes being offered online. Here are but a few that are currently available that are waiting for you to sign up.

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50 Live Classes – Electric Studio

Electric Studio started to offer Live Zoom workout classes and On Demand platform. They developed cross-training sessions as well so whether on or off the bike, you can do rhythm boxing, HIIT, flow, and strength training. Doing these are more enjoyable and motivating with a partner so sign up and commit to a combined 50 Live classes in 50 days.

Click here to visit their website and their Instagram.

Homestyle Boxing – Flyweight Boxing

The closure of gyms limited boxing enthusiasts to practice in their homes. Thankfully, Flyweight offers a 60-minute home workout class. If you need equipment, they are now offering a Flyweight Free Standing bag for rent or purchase. This comes with one-month unlimited access to all their classes.

Click here for more details or you can also visit their Instagram.

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30-Day Challenge – Evolve Yoga and Fitness

Living in a pandemic takes a toll on our well-being and so it is essential to uplift our spirits and to challenge ourselves from time to time. Evolve Yoga created monthly challenges where you can have unlimited Live Zoom workout classes or unlimited access to On Demand ones. They do pre-challenge sales as well which ranges from Bikram, Inferno Hot Pilates, Vinyasa, Power Yoga, to Yin and Gentle Flow.

Click here to visit their Instagram.

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Strength + Cardio – Elev8 Studio

Dedicated to full-body Slow Resistance Training (SRT), Elev8 has a zoom workout class where you can strengthen your upper body, legs, abs, and obliques. On Demand sessions and a first-timer package are also available. As this class requires intensive training, you have to prepare basic equipment. You will need a mat, sliders or slippery socks, and lightweights. If you don’t have any, Elev8 offers an SRT At Home Kit.

Click here to visit their website or Instagram.

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808 Special – 808 Studio

If you are not into straightforward or intensive workouts, why not try dancing? The studio offers a 75-minute choreography class where you can follow moves from well-known pop music videos and concert performances. They play a wide range of music from artists like Janet Jackson, Lady Gaga, to Grammy-nominated group BTS. You need not be a professional to enjoy their classes—beginners are welcome. Other dance cardio classes include 45-minute and 60-minute fitness parties with exclusive DJ remixes.

Click here to see their class offerings and Instagram.

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