Trouble Comes For The 6 Billion-dollar Champagne Industry

Climate change found its way to France and endangers the champagne-making industry.

Popping a champagne bottle is synonymous with celebrations. The uplifting taste of champagne can be credited to the grapes which it is made from. The French’s champagne region is where the magic happens—all bottles created within 100 miles of the Champagne region in France are exclusively called champagne. Moreover, all other productions outside the area are called sparkling wines. 

Champagne tower
Champagne tower/ Photo via Instagram @moetchandon

The success of the champagne industry is evident. According to Comité Champagne, a trade group for the champagne industry, 325.5 million bottles of champagne were delivered from Champagne in 2022, with revenues of 6.3 billion euros ($6.9 billion). The billion-dollar industry is continuously growing, but due to climate change, bottled celebrations may be at risk of changing forever. 

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Fizzing Out 

The soaring temperatures in Europe have affected the vineyards where grapes used for champagne production are grown. According to the S&P Global Sustainable1 report, the Champagne region is susceptible to physical risk. One of the main risks that the region may be facing is severe droughts. Such a crisis would prevent grapes from maturing properly. 

Moët & Chandon's vineyard in winter
Moët & Chandon’s vineyard in winter/ Photo via Instagram @moetchandon

Aside from the vineyards, the taste of champagne is also affected. “I have noticed a subtle change in my 30-odd years and … other people who’ve got more like 50 years of wine tasting experience have pointed to a definite shift in style towards the more rich,” wine judge and critic, Suzy Atkins, said.

The future of the champagne industry is at risk due to environmental concerns. Climate change affects the vineyards where grapes are grown, the production, and the overall taste of champagne. There are many possibilities for the future of the industry but for now, they are looking at positive reinforcements to keep the production in the area.

Banner photo by Cottonbro Studios via Pexels.

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