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The pandemic highlighted the importance of choosing our leaders wisely. If you haven’t registered yet, there are two more weeks to do so.

While we’re living through the world’s longest lockdown, it’s worth meditating on why we’re still under these circumstances. Since the pandemic began a year and a half ago, three enhanced community quarantines have been implemented, the most recent being last August.

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Despite three ECQs and many variations of quarantine guidelines (like MECQ, GCQ, MGCQ, to name a few), the Philippines saw a new record-high of COVID cases just last Saturday. 

“If we just look at certain groups [on] the internet. This pandemic has made a lot of people realize why it is important that they put into position the right leaders,” Angela Antonio, director for communications at the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), tells Rappler.

Unfortunately, the government’s delayed and unsystematic plans to recover from the pandemic isn’t the only issue our country faces. There are pressing concerns on, but not limited to, corruption, a shrinking economy, and millions of Filipinos struggling through joblessness.

However, change is possible, and we can make a difference by exercising our right to vote. The 2022 elections will be one of the country’s most pivotal—the new leaders will be responsible for uplifting the Philippines after and possibly during the pandemic’s devastation that’s still ongoing.

How to register

You’re eligible to vote if you’re a Filipino citizen or have been a resident of the Philippines for at least one year. You must be at least 18 years old by election day (May 9, 2022).

To become a registered voter, all of the preparation can and should be done at home. 

Book an appointment online, fill out official Comelec registration forms, and print the papers. 

Another option for android users is to utilize the Mobile Registration Form app. You can download the mobile application to your device and easily input your personal information to generate a QR code. 

The QR code can then be presented to your local Comelec office and serve as your official form submission.

The COMELEC’s official mobile app can let you register to vote, reactivate your previous registration, and update your personal information.

For many areas, your Comelec office is your city hall. A quick online search for where your city’s Comelec office is will take you to either their website or official Facebook page. There, you’ll find the booking system for appointments. 

If you can, it’s best to secure your appointment right now as there are only two weeks left to register (voting registration ends on September 30, 2021).

You can find the official Comelec registration forms and registration guidelines here.

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