180° By Chef Sau Brings Stories Of His Culinary Journey

Each dish tells a story in the new 180° By Chef Sau, which offers a multi-sensory dining experience for those looking to create lasting memories.

The newest restaurant by Chef Sau del Rosario – 180° by Chef Sau – opened its doors bringing more elevated dining options to Tagaytay, the cooler city south of the capital that has fast become a dining destination known for its bounty of fresh produce. Tagaytay has also inspired Chef Sau to bring his unique point of view in gastronomy to his latest venture. 

The facade of 180° by Chef Sau
The facade of 180° by Chef Sau

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He says “Inspiration can come from all different forms, styles, objects, or memories. For 180°, it was cool weather. Pineapples that grow abundant like grass. The moodiness of the volcano. The stillness of Taal Lake where tawilis (the world’s only purely freshwater sardines) can be found. People who come up to Tagaytay inspire and challenge us to perform well on how to please their hungry stomachs and to tease their taste buds.” 

The restaurant is an all-white, multilevel structure configured to allow for pockets of privacy where diners could still enjoy looking out to panoramic views of the mountain ridges and lake. There are seating areas outdoors, al fresco on the balcony, or right by the open kitchen where all the magic unfolds. The chef says “It’s a completely different experience. Personally, I find it to be cinematic. The space inspires guests to, say, tour the kitchen to where all the dishes are made. We built 180 to make all your senses come to life from the moment you step in. The smell of fresh herbs, the smiles of our friendly wait staff, the cool mountain weather, the noise of the kitchen orchestra.”  The venue is a wonderful place to have a wedding reception or other celebrations.

Inside 180° by Chef Sau
Inside 180° by Chef Sau

Most local produce could be sourced from within a 15-kilometer radius would include fresh seafood from neighboring towns. Of course, some meats such as the tomahawk and seafood such as hamachi (yellowtail collar), Japanese oysters, and Chilean mussels, are imported. The dining experience, whether for leisurely brunch or dinner, is set against a poster-perfect, 180-degree view of Taal Lake and volcano. The acclaimed chef adds “It’s also called 180° by Chef Sau because we cook dishes at 180-degrees, the perfect temperature for making stews, broths, and grilled items. The menu is made up of my signature dishes so you won’t find this anywhere else in Tagaytay.” 

Popular dishes include Chilean Mussels in Green Curry and Coconut and the Grilled Seafood Platter with Maine Lobster, Octopus, Prawns, and Hamachi Collar as well as two favorites from Chef Sau’s other Manila restaurant, Sawsaw – the 24-hour Sous Vide Crispy Pata on Macadamia Kare-Kare and that famous dessert, Vuco Fye (coconut pie).  

Chef Sau says that every dish is a personal story or anecdote lovingly prepared and plated in180°’s sprawling open kitchen He concluded by saying “Everything in the menu holds a story that’s personal and close to my heart. Food is a story. My goal is to present guests of 180° by Chef Sau with stories. We also hope to be a place where they can make new memories and experiences that they can bring to the table.” 

180° by Chef Sau is located at Sungay North, Tagaytay City. The restaurant is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from 11 AM to 10 PM. For reservations and more information: 09176200289 . For updates, follow @180bychefsau_.

Photos courtesy of 180° by Chef Sau.

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