Leather Jackets That Complete Your Quiet Luxury Wardrobe

These leather jackets are worthy investments and will surely be the best $6000 to $11000 you’ll ever spend.

Leather jackets are wardrobe staples. It is one of the most versatile and chic pieces you can own. Styling it is an easy task, pairing it with different combinations can easily turn make it casual or formal. Moreover, a good quality designer leather jacket is the ultimate signifier of stealth wealth or quiet luxury. No logos just pure high-quality leather. 

These quiet luxury jackets made of leather are the optimum sign of wealth. Ranging from $6000 to $11000, they all come with a hefty price tag. Though expensive, these leather jackets will surely stand the test of time and will elevate even the simplest of outfits you have. 

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The Row

The leather Kengia Jacket of the row is the motorcycle jacket of your dreams. Made of 100% leather and lined with 100% silk, and partnered with an oversized silhouette, the leather jacket is surely a comfortable masterpiece. Furthermore, you can get this jacket from The Row website for $6,950.

Kengia Jacket/ Photo via The Row Website

Bottega Veneta 

The most expensive jacket on this list, the Intrecciato Oversized Leather Shirt is priced at $11000. The jacket is made from Intrecciato leather weaves, making it a simple, yet very effective, statement piece. The jacket material adds a layer of subtle opulence since it is 100% lambskin leather.

Intrecciato Oversized Leather Shirt/ Photo via Bottega Veneta website

Loro Piana

Looking for a cropped leather jacket that would elevate your style? The Roldan Bomber Jacket from Loro Piana is for you, The jacket is made from soft leather treated with a natural, water-repellent waxed finish that is pleasant and velvety to the touch. 

Roldan Bomber Jacket/ Photo via Loro Piana website

Banner photo via Loro Piana website.

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