Chic Convenience: A New Fashionable Way To Carry Your Phone 

Include these luxury phone holders in your wardrobe and bring your phone around in a stylish way. 

There are days when sometimes, all you need is your phone. A quick errand, a walk in the park, or even a night out are just a few instances where you need your phone closest to you. Sure, you can carry a bag with you, but the hassle of finding your phone amidst all your things is tiring. 

Fashion houses have created phone holders—a smaller version of mini-bags that can only fit your phone and a few cards. Moreover, these phone holders conveniently carry your phone at the same time, elevating your whole outfit.

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Loewe Elephant Pocket

The iconic Loewe elephant bag has its mini version. The Elephant Pocket can fit your phone in the main pocket and some cash. Moreover, at the back of the pouch is a small card slot, perfect for bringing one of your cards. The Elephant Pocket comes in 11 colors you can choose whatever suits your personality and style.

Elephant Pocket in classic calfskin
Elephant Pocket in classic calfskin/Photo via Loewe website

Chanel Flap Phone Holder

The Chanel Flap Phone Holder is a glorified mini-bag at a fraction of the price. The phone holder is in the shape of a Classic Flap, only smaller and cheaper than the regular mini-flap. Surprisingly, it can fit more than just your phone and a card—you can put a small card holder in it.

Chanel Flap Phone Holder With Chain
Flap Phone Holder With Chain/Photo via Chanel website

Lady Dior Phone Holder

A versatile mini carry-on is what the Lady Dior Phone Holder is. It has a detachable top handle and crossbody strap, giving the wearer a variety of ways to style the phone holder. The phone pouch also sports the classic Lady Dior pattern—making it classy and elegant, even for its size. 

Lady Dior phone holder
Lady Dior phone holder/Photo via Dior website

Prada Smartphone Case

The largest phone holder in the list, The Prada smartphone case is definitely a mini bag. The crossbody phone case can surely fit more than just your phone. Furthermore, this is perfect for those who love the outdoors, since it is made with Prada re-nylon and with the brand’s iconic durable Saffiano leather. 

Prada Re-Nylon and Saffiano leather smartphone case
Re-Nylon and Saffiano leather smartphone case/Photo via Prada website

Banner photo via Dior website.

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