Valentine's Day Came Early with CHOW TAI FOOK's Romantic Collections

The greatest loves of all time aren’t over thanks to these stunning jewelry pieces

Nowadays, people profess their utmost love and affection to another person by saying “I love you to the moon and back.” This simply means that their love goes beyond the world we live in, and that it reaches the millions of celestial bodies in our universe. Even though it has been said by numerous people countless times, it doesn’t mean that it has lost its meaning because when we truly love someone, it lingers as it transcends beyond what is ever imaginable. To further elevate how one can show his or her love to their partner, CHOW TAI FOOK has two stunning collections that will truly take each person’s breath away.

The 18K/750 White Gold Diamond Ring (U-43328) features an eccentric look that adds uniqueness and style
These 18K/750 White Gold Diamond Earrings (U-43343) are ready to add brightness like no other

Star light, star bright

The T MARK Lodestar Collection from CHOW TAI FOOK perfectly captures the essence of love that continues to shine even in the darkest of times. Filled with necklaces, earrings, and rings, the collection symbolizes loyalty and devotion as it glows and illuminates every relationship. Just like the Lodestar, which is the steady and brightest star in the sky, the T MARK solitaire diamond stands out just the same with a prong setting that resembles scintillating starlight. Meanwhile, the base mounts or sides of the collection’s pieces are inspired by the glowing trail of a shooting star as it sets off the main stone, representing the journey towards finding a soulmate through movement and steadiness.

Show off who your heart beats for with this heart-shaped 18K/750 White Gold inlaid Diamond pendant (U-17190)
Love remains to be infinite with this stunning 18K/750 White Gold inlaid Diamond pendant (U-23070)

Let it linger

CHOW TAI FOOK’s other collection is simply like love–it stays with you forever. The Lingering Collection is set with the finest diamonds that avow your promise of love with every heartbeat. One of the collection’s pendants, the 18K White Gold and Diamond Pendant, seamlessly combines the infinity symbol with the heart motif to express eternal love that lasts a lifetime. The ingenious and movable mechanism of the collection’s pendants are also intricately crafted to make it look like the pendants are floating in the air.

Elevate the way you profess your love by knowing more about the T MARK and Lingering collections on CHOW TAI FOOK’s website.

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