Chris Tiu Re-enters the Sports Arena, Giving Back at the 30th SEA Games

International sports tournaments have always been meaningful to the development of the country. Thus, Chris Tiu recognizes the importance of hosting one, especially the upcoming 30th Southeast Asia Games. After representing teams on different levels, the former basketball star decides to return the support. “I want to give back to the country in a different capacity,” he says. “And I want to make sure that our country will be able to host a successful and organized SEA Games. The hosting of the games reflects significantly on the ability of a country.”

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Chris Tiu received the Breakout Player of the Year Award in his retirement season in the PBA. (Photo from Chris’ Instagram)

Willingness of Filipinos

Chris shares his excitement at the number of Filipinos who volunteered for the highly-anticipated SEA Games. “The volunteers are so excited and energetic, it is inspiring,” he says. From teachers and students of different schools to individuals across the country, the applicants willingly did the face to face interviews. With this enthusiasm, Chris hopes guests and international competitors will delight in the friendly nature of Filipinos. He explains, “Pinoys are so hospitable, they just want to serve and make the guests feel at home… We like to connect and make new friends. That’s our DNA, clearly because of the cheerfulness we exude.”

Read the full story of Chris Tiu written by Sara Siguion-Reyna on Lifestyle Asia’s October 2019 Edition titled, “The Power of Influence.”

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