Christmas is in the Air: Scented Candles You Need This Season

Let the wonderful scents of the season waft in the air with these gorgeous scented candles.

As we are encouraged to continue staying indoors amid the pandemic, don’t let this dampen your spirit. Fill your living spaces with delightful aromas (apart from your holiday banquet) with these captivating scented candles. These scents will soothe, uplift, and evoke the Christmas spirit wherever you are. From lush pine trees, warm cinnamon, to mouthwatering salted caramel fragrances, here are some of the scented candles you should get this month.

Moonlit Fir candle. (Photo from Diptyque Instagram)

Diptyque – Moonlit Fir

With months of getting cooped in our homes, you are certain to miss the breeze and scents of nature, especially of an aromatic forest. The Moonlight Fir candle captures such an invigorating aroma with its notes of rosemary, eucalyptus, and peppermint. The woody blend recalls the refreshing smell of pine trees—familiar and essential elements of the season.

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No. 24 Christmas Cafe candle. (Photo from Saan Saan website)

Saan Saan – No. 24 Christmas Cafe

Remember the blissful feeling of waking up on Christmas day? The spirit of love and thanksgiving is in the air as you utter a prayer and come out of the room to greet your loved ones. The exact emotions (and taste) is what this local brand’s candle evokes. The fusion of salted caramel, pumpkin spice, peppermint, and orange brings about everything that is Christmas with it.

Click here to order. For other holiday scents, visit their Instagram.

Trudon Gabriel Christmas Edition candle. (Photo from Trudon website)

Trudon – Gabriel

Traveling to the enchanted alleyways of a Moroccan Souk, Trudon presents its Christmas edition. One of which is Gabriel that recalls the warmth from an afternoon during the winter season. The mingling of cashmere wood, candied chestnuts, and leather brings to mind cozy moments. Be it tucking yourself under a blanket while seated in front of a chimney or snuggling against your loved one as you watch holiday films, happiness definitely wafts in the air with this candle.

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UMA Pure Calm Wellness Candle. (Photos from UMA Instagram and Beautylish)

UMA – Pure Calm Wellness Candle

With the comforting blend of chamomile, vetiver, and lavender in this candle, you are certain to enter a state of calm. Whether you are lighting it during your night routine or a quiet morning on a weekend, the sweet scents of rose and geranium further deepen the serene atmosphere in your living spaces.

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LEFT: By The Cozy Fire candle. RIGHT: two types of marble candle holders. (Photos from 23rd Street Candle Co. Instagram)

23rd Street Candle Co. – By The Cozy Fire

A delightful blend of healing crystals and dried botanical elements comes with the soy candles of this local brand. Its Christmas scent, By The Cozy Fire, ignites the spirit of hope and the wonderful feeling of being at home. Cinnamon, apples, and mint with star anise and citrine crystals make up the candle. Apart from glass, you can get it in lovely white or black marble containers and small tin cans.

Click here to see their holiday boxes. For inquiries, visit their Instagram.

Tanglaw Collection VCO Soy Candle in Jasmine Greens scent. (Photo from Tanglaw Instagram)

Tanglaw – VCO Soy Candle in Jasmine Greens

After a long day at work, find stillness with the soothing aroma of Tanglaw’s candle in Jasmine Greens scent. The calming characteristics of jasmine flowers fusing with the musky and sweet Patchouli create a relaxing ambiance. Once you light the candle, allow yourself to ease any tension in your mind and body, remembering this season calls for rest as we keep a spirit of joy and gratitude as well.

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