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A newcomer to the BGC dining scene, Cicchetti mainly distinguishes itself in three factors. First is their location, perched on the eighth floor of the MDI Corporate Center. It provides a relaxing place with a view. Plus some open air, as a fresh break from BGC’s usual closed up and neon lit spots. Few places in the area offer a serene view of the city being that it isolates itself from the loud and crowded scene that is commonly associated with BGC. Second factor is their food. With its menu, Cicchetti boasts a vast roster of Italian fare ranging from authentic pastas to cicchettis (its bite-sized namesake). But for the last distinguishing factor, the most fascinating one in my opinion, is the their cocktails.

Cicchetti’s bright and cozy interiors.

With a bar in almost every street in BGC, it takes a strong cocktail list to truly stand out. Cicchetti’s bar menu has the usuals such as Amaretto Sour and Aperol Spritz, but it’s their signature cocktails that got my attention. It’s a massive cocktail list, but I want to highlight four in particular, what makes these four unique is that each of them is a self-contained story that draws inspiration from a particular region in Italy.


The Florence’s bright color might have it mistaken for a Bloody Mary.

At first glance, you might think you were served a Bloody Mary with this drink. But instead of vodka, The Florence uses gin and is inspired from its namesake region’s rich produce, mainly tomato. Tomato juice is mixed with agave syrup for an added sweetness to the fruit’s freshness. Garnished with celery, this refreshingly bright cocktail is perfect for a starting drink or a relaxed brunch sip.


Sweet and tart define the Torentino’s flavor profile.

A sweet favorite of mine. The Torentino is inspired from the region’s plump apples as well as other fruits. This whiskey-based drink has a mix of apple syrup and lemon juice for a sharp sweetness and a touch of tart flavor that livens up the warmth of the whiskey. Light and breezy, this cocktail is a fit for a relaxed night out.


The Bergamo is deep and dark with its flavor.

Dark and deep, the Bergamo is a rich drink that draws inspiration from its namesake region’s quality coffee. A tequila-based drink, it also uses Patron XO coffee liqueur for that dark flavor, as well as Amaro which adds a herbal bitterness that fits the coffee taste. Cherry liqueur is added for a balanced sweetness to the cocktail’s deep flavors and finished off with a twin cherry garnish.


The Parma’s sweet richness makes it a dessert and drink mixed in one.

Last, we have the Parma. Fittingly, as desserts are always served last, this thick drink is a play on Parmigiano-Reggiano – the region’s iconic cheese. With whiskey as its base, it’s mixed with cream and egg yolk to start that creamy richness. Added with lemon juice and simple syrup for a sweet cut to balance. Finally, and most importantly, it’s topped with a generous amount of freshly grated Parmigiano-Reggiano. It’s a creamy cocktail that doubles as a dessert with its sweet and rich profile.

With these four cocktails, Cicchetti has managed to showcase a variety of Italian-inspired flavors ranging from bright and sweet to dark and bitter. Each a unique and satisfying experience. With an attention to detail and its many references to their Italian roots, their signature cocktails are a diverse set of flavors that truly highlight Cicchetti’s character. Clearly defining its identity not only as an Italian restaurant but as a formidable bar in BGC as well.

Cicchetti is located at the 8th Floor, MDI Corporate Center, 10th Avenue, 39th St, Taguig, 1630 Metro Manila. For reservations contact (0917) 321-4756.

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Photos by Miguel Abesamis

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