Discover How This Luxury Hotel Fosters A People-Centric Workplace

The luxury hotel initiates remarkable efforts to ensure a healthy working environment for its employees

Every leader of a thriving company knows the secret to success that works for them. While every business culture differs, one of the most crucial factors in fostering a healthy working environment definitely relies on looking out for the welfare of the employees. This is precisely what the City of Dreams Manila continues to embody in its programs. From initiatives focusing on training, rewards, to health and wellness, the luxury hotel secures the growth and greater success of its employees.

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The nine winners of The President’s Award 2019 include Haydee Corong, supervisor, Security-Fire Safety & Emergency Response; Marian Grace Trabado, accountant, Finance; Czarina Isabelle Arimado, senior host, Business Development – Casino Marketing; Elpedio Padalapat, dealer; Rier Franco, Banquet kitchen chef; Abraham Gonzalez, slot operations supervisor; Rafael Taladtad Jr., senior manager – Casino, Control & Compliance; Leonard John Puylong, assistant executive housekeeper; and Jan Morris Bolotaolo, manager, Red Ginger restaurant.

Striving for excellence

The five-star hotel recognizes how employees are the backbone of every company. Thus, they centralize their business culture on taking care of the employees’ overall well-being. The past two and a half years witnessed three salary increases and a one-month bonus, earning the company the status of having the highest compensation scheme in the industry. Apart from these economic rewards, employees receive an enhanced medical benefit. Among these include medical insurances, discounted flu vaccination, and congenial leave policy that allows flexibility when applying for sick and vacation leaves.

The hard work and good work ethics of the employees are also rewarded. Through the annual President’s Awards, the company recognizes employees who have shown outstanding performance. This year, nine winners received special prizes like an all-expense-paid trip to Macau, a massage treatment at Nuwa Spa, and 10 DreamPlay weekend passes. With all these rewards, employees will certainly continue to give their best work. Their awarded colleagues stand as an inspiration and role models for others to strive for excellence as well.

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The exteriors of the hotel and DreamPlay.

How success follows

For their continuous development of initiatives for its employees, the 2019 Sustainable Business Awards Philippines honored the City of Dreams Manila, recognizing the company for its efforts to empower their employees. Their endeavors even reached the international scene when Stelliers Award in Singapore honored the property’s Landscape Manager Cirilo Alerta as “Asia’s Unsung Hero of the Year.” Together with 2,200 employees who were awarded for their loyalty to the company for five years, all these recognitions mark another milestone for the hotel. Advocacies for charity and the environment also highlight their initiatives. Among of which is their blood-letting program. The Philippine Red Cross gave them the Platinum Award for this remarkable effort.

The company believes looking out for the welfare of its workforce is not only about rewarding them. It is also imperative to foster healthy relationships among them. They host programs like Palakasan, a sports competition, Pasikatan, a song and dance show, and wellness activities during Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Through all these activities, the employees of the City of Dreams Manila will remain enthusiastic and inspired to excel. This paragon of excellence then manifests itself in their tasks, their guests, and the very institution they work for. When they strive for greatness, success will certainly follow–and it definitely shows.

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