Scotland's Dunbeath Castle Estate Is Up For Sale For Over $32.7M

The 13-bedroom castle rests atop a majestic cliff overlooking the North Sea, and is part of a 28,500-acre Highland estate that dates back to the 15th century. 

There’s a growing number of amazing properties for sale in Scotland. For example, last April, Galbraith real estate agency listed the 25-hectare Barlocco island for $190,000, which attracted the attention of at least 50 international parties. Now, Saville UK has put up Scotland’s historical Dunbeath Castle—and its surrounding estate—for sale for roughly $32.7 million (over £25 million). 

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Dunbeath Estate
Dunbeath Estate/Photo from the Savills UK brochure

This is certainly an impressive sum, but considering the property’s rich history, scenic location, and overall majesty, it’s more than warranted. Besides, it’s not every day that one can purchase a 403-year-old castle. 

Castle History

Dunbeath Castle is an A-listed property in Scotland. The Scottish government defines real estate that falls under “Category A” as “buildings of special architectural or historical interest which are outstanding examples of a particular period, style or building type.” This is the highest ranking that the government can give to any structure, and only seven percent of all buildings in the country fall under the category. 

Dunbeath Castle in an old postcard
Dunbeath Castle in an old postcard/Photo from The Castles of Scotland website

The property dates back to the 15th century. It occupied an ancient defensive site that overlooked Moray Firth, as reported by the BBC. The Crichton family owned the property in 1452, before passing it down to another aristocratic family. This is a trend that would continue over the centuries.

Though the current structure still uses a number of features from the 15th-century model, it went through remarkable changes in the mid-19th century under architect David Bryce, who changed its facade to better suit the Baronial style of the period. 

Architect David Bryce in a portrait by an unknown artist
Architect David Bryce in a portrait by an unknown artist/Photo from National Galleries Scotland via Falkland Wiki

An Opulent and Sprawling Residence

The castle’s future buyer can expect to gain a lot from the historical property. Despite its age, custodians have maintained it considerably well. It also holds enough sprawling nature to keep its inhabitants entertained and captivated.

Photo from the Savills UK brochure
Photo from the Savills UK brochure

The low ground of the estate includes 20 houses and cottages for guests and employees. A 12.5-mile river surrounds the property and flows into sea, making it perfect for double bank fishing.

Photo from the Savills UK brochure
Photo from the Savills UK brochure

What’s more, it holds four hillside lakes, a 500 acre stock farm, two manicured gardens, and a deer forest. It’s also a rich ecological site with a variety of flora and fauna. As such, its future owner could potentially use it for conservation or restoration efforts. 

Inside Dunbeath

The estate’s castle is a capacious abode that provides plenty of facilities for family activities and guest entertainment. This includes 13 bedrooms, nine bathrooms, and three reception rooms. 

Photo from the Savills UK brochure
Photo from the Savills UK brochure

“The internal layout is extremely well appointed, with all the usual rooms one would expect of a house of this scale and period. All of the reception rooms sit on the eastern side of the castle to take full advantage of the magnificent sea views and feature large windows flooding the rooms with natural light,” stated its official listing description under Savills UK

Photo from the Savills UK brochure
Photo from the Savills UK brochure

“Dunbeath offers a unique opportunity to purchase one of the most coveted and dramatic castles and estates in the British Isles,” shared Evelyn Channing, the property’s agent. “It offers a rare combination of sport, fishing, farming, significant environmental and green energy opportunities.”

Banner photo from the Savills UK brochure.

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