Listen In: What Is Clubhouse and Why You Should Be On It

The by-invitation-only app is making waves on the social media landscape—particularly among professionals and start-ups looking to network.

Over the past week, invites have been flying around social media for Clubhouse, an audio-based, by-invitation-only app. It is quickly gaining traction around the world—along the lines of 10 million active users—and creating a mega community.

Why makes it attractive? The fact that it is lacking unnecessary images and lengthy texts places the premium on the talk and topic on the hand itself. Recording and saving are not allowed, which also gives users the feel of having a real-life conversation. And, much like TED Talks and podcasts, there is a variety of topics spread over different “rooms” that users can walk in on.

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Big names

A limit of 5,000 people can join one Clubhouse room. Approaches to the conversation range from casual catch-ups with friends to discussion groups to formal forums. There are locked and private options so you can make the room more exclusive.

Once you are in a room, you can treat it like a video-less Zoom. You can “raise a hand” to participate as long as the room creator or moderator allows you to. Now if you want to switch to another conversation, simply choose the “leave quietly” option.

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When Twitter first exploded into the scene, many found the accessibility to world-renowned personalities an exciting novelty. Clubhouse somehow provides that same rush, with anyone from Elon Musk to Tiffany Haddish as speakers in some rooms, or, like you, as part of the audience.

The room moderator assigns “speakers” to a “stage,” which can be shared with other individuals to create a forum-like room. With billionaires, celebrities, leaders, powerful entrepreneurs, and other influential people joining in, Clubhouse is creating avenues for networking, especially for startups.

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Exclusive—for now

You can only join Clubhouse through an invitation from an existing user such as a relative, friend, or colleague. You can also reserve a username without an invite, and have an existing user bump up your place in the queue for sign up.

Once you receive the invite, a link will be sent to you through text message. Visit the app’s official site and sign in with your mobile number. Register your real name and you can create a username as well. You have the option to build a profile from scratch or link your Twitter account. The latter makes it quicker to finish setting up your account. If you link your contacts, then you will find it easier to search and follow people.

Currently, Clubhouse is exclusive for iPhone users. However, an Android version is already in its development stage. Eventually, the app will expand to the general public. But right now, the app owners are building the community first to fine-tune and add features.

One more thing that makes this app a welcome platform in the age of internet trolling and bullying: its founders, Paul Davison and Rohan Seth, are slowly building the app to better manage hate speech and abuse.

Sign up here using an invitation from an existing user.

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