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The Nespresso boutique at One Bonifacio High Street offers an immersive coffee experience like the window-to-farm feature that gives a virtual view of coffee farms, bringing customers closer to the natural origin of the coffee.

Coffee culture is thriving in many cities. Now more than ever, people are interested to learn and taste various coffee beans and roasts, and individuals of all ages enjoy their cup in a relaxed or social setting.  A good cup of joe can brighten a conversation, which in turn opens up deeper connections between people, giving a great coffee experience to coffee lovers everywhere. 

Nespresso takes coffee experiences up a notch as it opens its boutique in the vibrant and bustling community of BGC. The newest store located at One Bonifacio High Street mall features an immersive space that will help patrons better understand the brand and its well-crafted offerings.  

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The new Nespresso boutique at One Bonifacio High Street mall

A new immersive Boutique awaits

Nespresso provides its customers with not only the most luxurious coffee but also an immersive coffee experience through its beautifully crafted space.

The boutique boasts locally inspired designs including a seagrass wall mural to give guests an authentic Pearl of the Orient feel. Seagrasses have a long and diverse history of use in the Philippines. It is commonly used as compost, upholstery, insulation, and even provides food and habitat for various marine animals. The boutique’s seagrass wall art is proudly made by ‘Rolyolikha at iba pa Handicrafts’ – a social enterprise that creates a sustainable, feasible, and viable livelihood for communities. Their beautiful creations are made from sustainable materials and ethical practices, made possible by ignited passion, creativity, and dedication.

Atelier Table

Continuing on the immersive experience is a window-to-farm feature that gives a virtual view of coffee farms with the aim of bringing customers closer to the natural origin of the coffee and a greenery wall that symbolizes the local coffee plantations where the coffee beans are sustainably sourced. There will also be an Atelier table where a coffee specialist is present to demonstrate their expertise by answering all Nespresso coffee-related questions, explaining the specifics of Nespresso’s coffee selections, and providing recommendations to help guests find the perfect coffee that suits their unique palate. 

Sustainable steps towards a brighter tomorrow

The brand further solidifies its commitment to sustainable business practices by incorporating a recycling corner at the shop, encouraging patrons to drop off their used Nespresso aluminum capsules at the store to be repurposed later on into common household items.

Capsule Wall

A new element that patrons can look forward to at the fourth boutique is the AAA dashboard, a new feature  from Nespresso which creatively shows the company’s sustainability program all over the world.

Immerse yourself in a world of good coffee, art, culture, and sustainability when you visit Nespresso One Bonifacio High Street Boutique located at the Lower Ground, One Bonifacio High Street Mall from 11 AM to 9 PM.

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Banner photo courtesy of Nespresso.

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