Super Power: New Comic Book Features The Life Of Queen Elizabeth II - Arts & Culture

The Queen will live on in print.

TidalWave Comics is celebrating the late Queen Elizabeth II by featuring her life story in its Tribute comic book biography series.

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The 30-page comic book “Tribute: Queen Elizabeth II” is now available in softcover and hardcover through multiple platforms. It also comes in a digital edition.

Michael Frizell and John Blundell co-wrote the title, while Pablo Martinena illustrated it with Luciano Kars.

“It’s always a challenge to update an already strong script. Approaching the framing sequence, I wanted to start small–the legend of the bees–and end large–the funeral viewed by millions worldwide. That was a fitting way to depict her 70-year reign,” Frizell said.

TidalWave has previously focused its biographies on royal figures like Prince William, Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry. Meanwhile, a King Charles III project is also in the works for 2023.

“Queen Elizabeth II is one of the most iconic women post-World War II. She became Queen at 25, starting the longest reign of any monarch in history at seventy years and 214 days. Yet, few appreciate the richness and seriousness of Queen Elizabeth’s role, seeing her merely as some figurehead of the Commonwealth of Nations. Which currently numbers 53 countries,” TidalWave Comics concluded.

Banner Photo by TidalWave Comics via Twitter.

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