Why Mindfulness Benefits Better Well-Being In 2024

People shift their focus to mindfulness in their lives to better fulfill their New Year resolutions or achieve goal completion this year.

People could benefit from calm and relaxation in the midst of a fast-paced environment. The new year is the perfect time to romanticize our relationship with ourselves through more self-care and mindfulness. But how do we practice it? Do we even have the time to commit to conscious awareness?

Most of us believe it’s a good time to set goals and reflections as the year begins, and it has stayed that way since. Applying mindfulness in our intentions this year heightens our sensitivity and perception as we strive to fulfill our ambitions.

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Why goal-setting requires mindfulness

London’s The Mindfulness Project reported that a study from the University of Hertfordshire said 78 percent of people fail to keep their new year’s resolutions and tend to feel disappointed with themselves. This makes it important to think about our actions and do more reflection before accomplishment.

Corporate executive Travis Dyson said that reflection is power. It becomes a cornerstone of meaningful personal growth and effective construction of one’s goals. Dyson added that mindfulness helps through producing a focused and positive mindset.

Mindfulness through reflection helps as one does goal-setting
Mindfulness through reflection helps as one does goal-setting/Photo from Alexa Williams via Unsplash

Being mindful involves a perspective that requires us to remember that there’s more to goal setting than we think. Dyson mentioned that pathways are present when it comes to an end of the goal. We lead ourselves to our rightful destinations, which is why we are being invited to align our values with our intentions.

Keeps our lifestyles in check

US News reported that mindfulness with exercise could also be the key to managing turbulent stressors this 2024. Fitness and mental health became separate top resolutions for this year as per a Forbes survey, which can improve one’s well being drastically when doing both.

A university lead researcher, Masha Remskar, said that mindfulness meditation may be useful for most. It can help motivate people to embrace fitness and look past the discomfort from working out. Taking our mental and physical health seriously this year will prove to be a game changer for 2024.

Remskar added that mindfulness prompts us in bettering our lifestyle and makes us accept our own shortcomings. She expressed that it could build healthy habits and unlock positive benefits as well.

Mindfulness meditation and exercise can potentially provide us healthier lifestyles
Mindfulness meditation and exercise can potentially provide us healthier lifestyles/Photo from Yoav Aziz via Unsplash

The desire to be happier

People make their resolutions mostly because of tradition, as the new year gives everyone a feeling of a reset. Most people seem to think that setting goals has to mean that the process should be flawless, but it really doesn’t work that way. 

Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business said that setting goals should take place at a time that change is required. They added that obstacles are normal and people should not be discouraged. 

Life surprises us from the get go and is oftentimes out of our control. View setbacks as opportunities to be better and learn something new. Perfection takes its sweet time and it shouldn’t be rushed nor observed. Remember: it is a myth.

Life should be lived with purpose and direction, not perfection
Life should be lived with purpose and direction, not perfection/Photo from Yosef Futsum via Unsplash

Mindfulness reminds us that we are accomplishing our goals to live, and not just for the sake of moving and doing. Wellness application and company Headspace said that “at the heart of every goal lies the desire to be happier.” Embrace freedom, accept and learn from challenges, and just live as if it’s your last day, every day. 

Banner photo from Sage Friedman via Unsplash.

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