Designer-Approved Wedding Dress Materials For Summer Brides

Being a tropical country, the heat could be intense especially during summertime. This could make special occasions, like nuptials, challenging due to the scorching heat. As the temperature rises and the big day approaches, one of the bride’s missions is to find a dress that combines elegance and comfort. Lifestyle Asia had the privilege to get in-depth with three fashion designers who provided suggestions specifically for summer brides.

Jo Rubio, Hannah Kong, and Debbie Co offer diverse styles catering to different tastes with the same goals: beauty and comfort.

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Suggestions from Hannah Kong

Hannah is a seasoned fashion designer with nearly a decade of experience who specializes in evening and bridal wear. She said that she has an upcoming collection that features floral and airy dresses. 

Hannah Kong has nearly a decade of experience as a fashion designer
Hannah Kong has nearly a decade of experience as a fashion designer/Photo from Hannah Kong

“I’ll be presenting my collection in bridal fashion shows soon,” she said.

The evening and bridal gown designer pointed out advantages of scheduling weddings during the summer. “[There] is less chance for rain. A lot of brides pray for good weather on their wedding day. Photos done outdoors come out bright and sunny, and beach weddings are nice to do around this time, too.”

Hannah recommended light layers of tulle, organza, and lace for summer brides. These materials are comfortable, breezy, yet elegant and are suitable for our country’s weather. 

She advised considering the venue when selecting dress fabrics and style for brides-to-be. “Whether it’s a beach wedding or a garden or church, it’s nice to ask your fashion designer to recommend and show you fabrics for the dress,” she commented. “Don’t forget to consider what you will be wearing for your prep shoot or beauty shots.”

Jo Rubio’s insights for summer brides

Jo has been in the wedding industry for 15 years. He said that through it, he had penetrated the fashion industry eventually.

He chronicled that among the season’s many advantages include the schedule and how it will align well with the clients’ preferences and overall timeline. Summer is less likely to bring in turbulent weather, and natural disruptions are one of the main concerns in an event like weddings. “The season allows for more flexible, breezy, and fun options for the bride, groom, and guests, when it comes to attires.”

Jo Rubio has been in the wedding gown industry for 15 years
Jo Rubio has been in the wedding gown industry for 15 years/Photo from Jo Rubio

Jo, aside from using light materials upon his clients’ approvals, expressed he loves using tulle in his creations. “I love luxurious layers of tulle because they are airy, light, and romantic. It’s like floating in the air, and it exudes the illusion or the look of ethereal beauty.” He added that for summer brides, he makes use of sheer materials for the bodice and since it is see-through, it is not heavy to use. Organdy is also his go-to due to its weightless nature.

Jo explained that when he designs a bridal gown during the season of summer, he also considers the venue. He recommended tulle-based dresses or chiffon for outdoor weddings, especially for ceremonies held in gardens or beaches. He remarked that he applies lace and flowers for a light, timeless appeal.

“Prioritize comfort and practicality when choosing a gown,” Jo reminded. “While Filipino weddings are often romantic, it is essential to ensure that the dress fits the season, venue, and overall setup. This will help you enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.”

Debbie Co recommends short, fun dresses

Debbie has been making waves in the fashion and wedding industry for 17 years. Her work exudes timeless elegance through femininity, allure and romance as her inspiration. She, too, gave a short but useful tip for summer brides.

Debbie Co (right) shows one of her embroidered masterpieces
Debbie Co (right) shows one of her embroidered masterpieces/Photo from Atelier Debbie Co’s website

“Short, fun, and flirtatious dresses using light materials are perfect for summer weddings,” she weighed in. “Brides can use it for their welcome dinner or after party dress, too.”

She reiterated that brides should choose dresses that reflect their sense of style. “You should look like the most beautiful, natural version of yourself,” she added. “Each bride is unique, so it is important to capture their individuality [on the dress.]”

Banner photo via Instagram @atelierdebbieco.

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