Coppelia: Ballet Philippines' Spectacular Gala Opens 54th Season

Step into the mesmerizing world of Ballet Philippines as they kick off their 54th season with the enchanting classic ‘Coppelia.’

A vibrant August 4th saw the Theatre at Solaire come alive.

Ballet Philippines 'Coppelia'
Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines

Ballet Philippines unveiled their 54th season with an exciting Filipino rendition of “Coppelia.” 

The Tale of Coppelia

Hailing from the Paris Théâtre Impérial l’Opéra in 1870, ‘Coppelia’ weaves a captivating narrative. 

Dr. Coppelius’ lifelike doll becomes the heart of the story, making an unexpected appearance at a lively town festival. 

Ballet Philippines 'Coppelia'
Photo via Instagram @balletphilippines

Two young hearts, Franz and Swanhilda, dream of marriage. However, Franz’s fascination with the doll takes him off course, diverting his attention from Swanhilda. 

Ballet Philippines 'Coppelia'
Photo via Instagram @balletphilippines

To win him back, Swanhilda ingeniously assumes the doll’s role, setting off a chain of amusing events, culminating in a celebration of love’s triumph.

Ballet Philippines 'Coppelia'
Photo via Instagram @balletphilippines

Reviving Artistry

The venue was abuzz with a mix of ballet enthusiasts, special guests, and prominent figures.

Italian Ambassador Marco Clemente with his wife Maria Rosario Clemente and friend/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines

The elegance of the Theatre at Solaire perfectly matched the refined crowd. 

As the guests mingled, sipping cocktails and exchanging smiles, the anticipation for the enchanting performance grew.

Ballet Philippines 'Coppelia'
Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines
Lorrie Reynoso, Minnie Osmeña, and BP Trustee Lulette Moran-Monbiot/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines

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Dedicated to sharing their love for ballet, Ballet Philippines aims to infuse fresh energy into the performing arts scene. 

They aspire to elevate experiences and foster a renewed appreciation for artistic expression.

Moreover, before the ballet took the spotlight, Kathleen Liechtenstein, President of Ballet Philippines, took a moment to welcome the audience. 

Ballet Philippines 'Coppelia'
BP President Kathleen Liechtenstein and Sonya Garcia/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines

Her infectious enthusiasm set the tone for the evening ahead.

This emotional journey resonates with attendees, an experience that has found a new home at the Theater at Solaire.

The Magic Unveiled 

As the curtains lifted, the enchantment began. The ballerinas’ every move painted a mesmerizing story on the stage, captivating the audience’s hearts. 

Each twirl and jump brought the story to life, evoking emotions that ranged from joy to sheer wonder.

Solana and Ella Pangilinan/Photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines

As the second act commenced, the ballet’s magic continued to unfold, leaving the audience in awe.

As the performance ended, loud applause echoed in the theater. Goosebumps and smiles were everywhere, a clear sign of how amazing the show had just happened.

Ballet Philippines proudly showcases the Philippines’ talent and rich heritage on a global stage. 

With tradition and modernity at their core, they embody the essence of the nation’s past and present.

Dance Voyage

Founded in 1969, Ballet Philippines stands as the first company of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. 

Over the years, they’ve become a beacon of contemporary Filipino identity, merging tradition with innovation. 

Their legacy is deeply rooted in the nation’s art and culture and they’re known for weaving Western techniques into uniquely Filipino expressions.

Banner photo courtesy of Ballet Philippines. 

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