How Gwyneth Paltrow Turned To 'Stealth Wealth' For Her Ski Trial Outfits

The court of public opinion is an important win to any celebrity. Here’s how the actress got people talking about her stylish looks.

The ski incident case has been closed, with Gwyneth Paltrow cleared of any fault, after two weeks of trial.

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The jury, playing an important role in the final verdict, unanimously sided with Paltrow who was also awarded $1 (the symbolic sum she had sought) plus legal fees.

Now that all’s been said and done, let’s take a look at the actress’ curated courtroom wardrobe which generated a media frenzy.

Stealth Wealth

One of the buzzwords that circulated during the trial was “stealth wealth.” Paltrow’s ensembles were the epitome of quiet luxury with soft fabrics and organic and neutral hues.

There were no big, visible brand names, making every piece a bit more low-key. Most of her clothes were in khaki, navy, tan, gray, or white.

On the first day of the trial, the actress wore a now-sold-out olive coat and cream turtleneck sweater, both from The Row.

The next day, she was seen in an ivory cardigan from her own G.Label by the Goop brand.

Timeless Accessories

Though her clothes were more understated, Paltrow still knew her way with accessories.

She was seen sporting chunky gold jewelry from Robinson Pelham on the second day, as well as a collection of chains and pendants from Foundrae on the third day.

A Cheeky Wink

Paltrow wore a variety of eyewear over the course of the trial. One of the most notable pieces was the pair of sizable aviator glasses she wore on the first day.

Whether on purpose or not, it was a subtle irony to wear enormous eyewear when being sued by a former optometrist.

British Vogue recalled a similar situation in which Winona Ryder wore a Marc Jacobs dress while being accused of shoplifting one of the designer’s pieces in 2002.

Banner image via Instagram @dailyfashion_news.

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