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At the helm of Radisson Blu Cebu, Stephan Sieberg is a man who is inextricably linked to the hotel industry around the world

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Having worked for international hotel groups across European and Southeast Asian regions, Stephan Sieberg has garnered over 25 years of reputable hospitality and service. With his stellar and astonishing reputation, the paragon of the industry now proudly helms Radisson Blu Cebu, the five-star haven at the heart of the nation’s oldest city as its General Manager. But even as a veteran in the industry, Stephan continuously strives to serve up something new. “The biggest challenge is always to exceed expectations, being innovative again and again, and to improve customer service on all levels at all times continuously.”

A Secret To Success

Innovation has always been a challenge for every hotelier, compelled to consistently satisfy and keep up with the ever-changing needs of guests. As hotel doors are wide open for patrons from various cultural backgrounds, service has to start with empathy. This mindset drives Stephan to excel in his field. “Working in different environments around the globe requires me to always be an international citizen and to adjust,” he says. “I always tell myself that I am a guest in the countries I work and this attitude helps me to connect and settle. I have learned that I should always become a full member of the local community.”

More than working with the needs of their clients, Stephan always keeps his team in check. “Training and leadership plays an important role in keeping the industry alive. People management and setting career paths and opportunities for all remain key.”

What Makes The Heart Beat

Committed to leading a first-class team fit to offer a five-star experience at Radisson Blu Cebu, which boasts of a space of 400 rooms and suites, ballrooms, meeting rooms, and an outdoor plaza, Stephan is firm in his belief that digital transformation in hotels can guarantee customer satisfaction. “It is no secret that the internet nowadays is part of our daily life and expectations are that it is easily accessible, fast and free of charge.”

That is why they chose Eastern Communications as their service provider for all their connectivity solutions. “Our customers expect a high level organization with every package. We need to choose first-class partners to ensure a high-end experience for all stakeholders,” says Stephan.

There’s no mistaking that Stephan has dedicated his life to be a person of service. He lives with a full heart as he is comfortably positioned at the forefront of Cebu’s premier retreat. There seems to be no rest for an industry leader with international experience in his back pocket and world-class names by his side.

But as a man of the community, he can often be found exploring the outskirts of Cebu on his motorcycle, enjoying the beautiful scenery to rewind and recharge.

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