You've Grown Your Garden—Now Here's Where To Get Decorative Pots and Planters

Now that you have a thriving mini-forest, here are eye-catching plant holders to place them in.

The quarantine in the country witnessed a surge of passion for growing different types of plants. As we spend most of our time indoors, one of the activities that kept us sane is caring for plants—be it shrubs, vegetable plants, or decorative ones. You may have bought (or propagated, good for you) many plants by now and so why don’t you elevate your green thumb by getting these creative plant holders? From intricately woven baskets to delightfully artistic shapes, you wouldn’t resist ordering these to liven up your spaces.

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Zara Juan

Known for partnering with local artisans and a community of weavers across regions, Zara Juan presents the Tahanan collection, a perfect encapsulation of the warmth and colors of a Filipino home. Beautiful wicker rattan makes up their pots, woven into creative shapes. There are baskets with intricate leaves, one shaped into a water can, and one with crochet and floral embroidery. No matter the design, these plant holders add a delightful look to your plants.

Click here to order the Islaw Planter and visit their website for other designs.

Ennoble PH

Made of the finest Abaca fibers, these plant holders replicate the endearing looks of different breeds of dogs and cats. From Shih Tzus, French Bulldogs, to Beagles, you can have your pot customized into the face of your pet. Ennoble creates other animals too like owls, pigs, and whales, all in vibrant hues. You wouldn’t be able to resist having these in your workspace or adding to your collection. The pots come in small sizes, enough to carry your array of beautiful succulents.

Click here to order through their Instagram page.

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Plants Manila

With a mission of “bringing nature to every home,” this plant studio carries a wide selection of pots and planters. Whether you want a minimalist design with a basic shape and color or artistic ones carved with faces or shaped into animals, you will find pots that are perfect for your living spaces. Make sure to be on the lookout for new designs as their stocks run out pretty fast.

Visit their Instagram for new designs.

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Moko Plants

Beyond whimsical flower arrangements made of dried flowers, Moko Plants creates elegant ceramic planters. Each one has a built-in catch plate for water. This allows the plant to absorb it upwards rather than having to water it constantly from above. The pots come in sleek black, white-specked, and China Blue colors. If you want a more creative design, opt for the Ikebana bowl, an inverted triangular-shaped planter with built-in floral frogs. These help you better arrange and hold up the stems of your plant or floral arrangements.

Click here to view the catalog of planters.


Standing for “creative and committed,” this lifestyle brand carries an array of beautiful woven baskets. A home-based community of Filipino weavers, sewers, and artisans create these elegant plant holders. Their collection not only includes medium-sized baskets but big ones enough to carry larger plants. With their sturdy materials and intricate designs, the baskets can be used for standalone decorative or statement pieces as well.

Click here to view and order their planters.

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