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It’s been 3 months since we were put on lockdown because of COVID-19. People have been cooped up at home, relying on social media to stay updated on current events, keeping in touch with friends through video calls, and adopting the work from home lifestyle. With everyone staying safe from the virus indoors, something extraordinary was happening to the environment. Air pollution has decreased significantly all over the metro. The absence of vehicles on the road has allowed the air quality to improve drastically. But with safety measures loosening up and life slowly resuming its usual flow, people are flocking outside again. Maintaining the improved air quality can be a challenge especially if you drive your own car, but there are ways that you can help drive down the amount of air pollution.

Choose environment-friendly vehicles

One of the best ways to reduce air pollution is to drive an environment-friendly vehicle. In the Philippines, there are now Volvo Plug-in Hybrids that can ferry you in style and safety while being conscious of your carbon footprint. These plug-in hybrids such as the Volvo XC60 SUV, the stately S90 sedan, or the muscular XC90 SUV, all carry Volvo’s badge of commitment to sustainability. The potent mix of electric power and advanced petrol technology allows you to experience zero tailpipe emission when using Pure mode. You can also enjoy fuel-efficient long-distance driving in Hybrid mode. Powered by a responsive T8 Twin Engine, these range of Volvo plug-in hybrids offer an optimized driving experience. The large battery gives an electric-only range of around up to 45–59 km (depending on the model) and can easily be charged at home or at a charging station. It’s also charged during driving every time you brake or slow down.

Be a responsible driver

Cut down further air pollution by ensuring that your Volvo car is properly maintained. Follow the recommended vehicle maintenance checks by the manufacturer. Bring your vehicle to the authorized service center for check-ups and opt to use only genuine parts to ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle. You should also observe proper driving habits and plan your route to help reduce the time you are on the road, thus cutting down on fuel consumption and emissions.

Avoid idling

Unnecessary idling can add to air pollution, contributes to engine wear, and wastes fuel. Modern Volvo cars have a Start/Stop function that help you reduce fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. With this feature, your car’s engine temporarily shuts off to eliminate idling and instantly restarts when you resume driving.

Take precautions when heading out and cut down air pollution with your environment-friendly Volvo.

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