Decluttering My Home And Mind Amid The Pandemic

We lived incredibly busy lives before the pandemic. It was so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the city, and traveling here and there. The sheer intensity of a busy world that thrived on such constant change often made us lose track of the possessions we kept inside our homes and offices. Some things we wanted to keep, others we wanted to give away, and some things to sell if we were so inclined. 

I myself have very complicated relationships with my personal belongings. Do I keep this, throw that, give that away? It can be everything from a cherished piece of my childhood, an impulse buy made on a stressful day or maybe a souvenir from a fondly remembered trip. It can be incredibly difficult to decide what stays and what goes. This poses a challenge not only for me, but for a lot of people throughout the metro, where living spaces are limited and editing at some point becomes necessary. These concerns can lead many of us to yearn for a service that would allow us to declutter our home, without giving anything away, and I’m so happy to have discovered Keepr, as I am a condo dweller. 

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Flexible Storage

Some time ago, I had downloaded and subscribed to Keepr Storage PH on a curious whim and a lark as my friends discuss it over our chat. During the quarantine period, we had a lot of time to organize and declutter our homes. Keepr is a subscription-based storage service that enables users to custom manage their possessions right from their own mobile devices. Using Keepr is simple: download the app, fill-up your profile, and schedule a pick-up. It is that easy.

Admittedly, I was intrigued. The very idea of renting storage space that is incredibly flexible to one’s needs and budget is simple, yet I think is a revolutionary concept. Prior to the implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine last March, Metro Manila was becoming one of the most crowded cities in the world. Personal space was quickly becoming a valuable resource. Because of this, people throughout the city have been finding ways to make the most out of their living spaces, especially for people who live in condos like me.

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Keepr can easily be accessed through a mobile app.

Decluttering During Quarantine

The commencement of Enhanced Community Quarantine in mid-March left me with a lot of time on my hands. I cannot remember a period in my adult life when I was physically present at home for so long. This allowed me not just to reflect, but also to reset. And I did that by decluttering my cabinet, my bathroom, my shelves down to my kitchen from all the things I had accumulated over the years.

We put so much importance on living our lives. Maintaining the exciting careers we spent our youth dreaming about. During quarantine, I had to manage myself and reflect on how I have lived my life. It was overwhelming, to say the least. Keepr, however, made an aspect of it very easy to declutter.

When scheduling a pick-up with Keepr, I found myself speaking to their Storage Specialist, who helped me assess how much space I needed. This was incredibly valuable. Once our consultation was over, I found myself taking the time to truly consider just how much I would keep at home. Also during this time, I moved my two offices in Makati to a house in Belair. This was indeed the perfect time for me to organize and declutter. 

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The warehouse.

Preserving Our Memories

Letting go of our possessions is far from easy. These are not material objects. They are tangible representations of our memories that continue to define our lives. Keepr’s services allowed me to clear my home and my offices without having to separate myself from these memories. And because my stored items can be managed from my mobile app, getting something back was as simple as scheduling another delivery.

Keepr is a relatively modern solution to a modern problem. It gives us the chance to declutter not just our homes and our offices, but our lives as well. 

Download Keepr Storage PH on the App Store and Google Play and find out how they can help maintain your business in the new normal without giving anything away. Prices start at just ₱399.00 a month. Learn more at or call +63-917-533-7774 (KEEPR-PH).

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