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If you’re looking to declutter, maximize the value of your assets, or simply want to find a new home for your designer items, Nanboya Philippines can buy your branded goods and send you the cash on the same day.

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Over the pandemic, many decided to declutter and let go of items that they have come to realize they don’t need. But when it comes to saying goodbye to your beloved bags and accessories, it can get tricky.

If you’re looking to do away with some of your luxury purchases, Nanboya Philippines can buy your pre-loved items. Through expert appraisal, they can identify the accurate worth of your designer bag, jewelry, and watches then transfer the money to you on the same day.  

Photo courtesy of Nanboya Philippines / Shot by Mark Alvarez

Located at Rockwell in Makati, Nanboya PH was born in Japan, and has since spread to about 100 luxury goods buyers under the same brand worldwide.

“Owners of luxury goods are also looking for ways to maximize the value of their assets, and this is one of the main reasons why it’s easier for them to let go of their pre-loved items,” shares Nanboya PH owner Monique Borja-Gonzalez. 

Gonzalez advocates for “fuss-free” living and has always valued having fewer things as long as she has excellent quality designer pieces. The YogaLove founder prefers having quality items rather than riding on trends that eventually pass.

“Nanboya is a brand that embodies this mindset of saving and not wasting by making sure that they put quality above all else,” she adds.  

The process

Nanboya employs a pool of product specialists who will determine the value of your pre-loved items. Before visiting their store, you must first send them the details of the item you wish to sell. In addtition, online appraisals are also possible via messaging application Whatsapp.

Gonzalez says the efficient yet straightforward process is vital as, Gonzales says, they value their client’s time. 

Photo courtesy of Nanboya Philippines / Shot by Mark Alvarez

If you’re worried that a designer piece has lost its value because it’s from an older season, you don’t have to be. Nanboya’s pricing value for your items doesn’t fluctuate depending on the current season, but it’s based on the current trends that are hot in the Japanese market. 

Gonzalez says they use machine learning to identify what these trends are by optimizing search engines and advanced data analytics. The data they collate using these methods identify current trends and historical information and apply it to the business.

The luxury goods market of Japan, as the entrepreneur explains, is between “ethereal and timeless.” With their market spanning from fashion-forward to classic pieces, it’s worth seeing how much the item you want to appraise will cost. 

Handle with care

According to Gonzalez, they don’t charge the usual platform fees you’ll see in many third-party sellers in the market. “You get your payment almost instantly,” she adds. “We consider pre-loved luxury items as our own. We handle designer pieces with love and delicate care, and we treat their previous owners with privacy.”

Photo courtesy of Nanboya Philippines / Shot by Mark Alvarez

She also describes themselves as “omnipresent.” “Unlike other brands, we highlight our footprint internationally,” Gonzalez says and mentions that Nanboya has stores in Indonesia, Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and other countries that have thriving luxury markets.

If you’re not in a rush to have your items appraised, Gonzalez shares ways you can take care of your branded things to get the best appraisal value for them. 

She emphasizes that luxury leather goods, in particular, require “a high level of care to maintain their appraisal value.” And since we live in a humid country, she recommends using leather balms and protectants to avoid molding.

She continues by sharing that keeping your designer piece in an upright position, regularly dusting, and protecting your bag’s handle with a scarf will avoid deformation, damage, and color fading.

“If repair is not possible, sell your luxury item,” Gonzalez advises. “Designer pieces deteriorate in value when they turn moldy or undergo leather peeling, so it’s best to sell them and upgrade to another piece if you find yours worn out. 

Although Gonzalez generously shared tips on how we can care for our designer bags, Nanboya also buys high-end jewelry and watches.

Global trade

As part of their trade, Gonzalez says that they don’t sell “locally-purchased pre-loved luxury goods  in the Philippines.” The luxury items they buy get shipped to Japan and get sold to their new owners through a global auction platform. 

Photo courtesy of Nanboya Philippines / Shot by Mark Alvarez

When asked how the local luxury market compares to that of other Asian countries, Gonzalez says ours is smaller, “but it is a progressive one, and we definitely see it growing in the coming years.”

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