The Philippines’ First International Festival For Dance Film Is Back!

FIFTH WALL FEST Edition IV is back, bringing you a fresh perspective on dance, creativity, and entertainment. 

FIFTH WALL FEST, the Philippines’ first international festival for dance film, is back with Edition IV, and it’s bringing some exciting changes to the world of dance! 

So, what’s the scoop? Last year, FIFTH WALL took a leap into the hybrid festival world, blending online and in-person experiences. 

Now, they’re turning the volume all the way up by opening their arms wide to all kinds of dance styles. 

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The New Era

Edition IV is all about breaking down boundaries between different art forms and getting people to dance in unexpected places. 

Get ready to join the dance party from October 5-15 at cool locations like SM Megamall, Archivo 1984, J Studio, Apotheka, Kino, 1F Projects, and even virtually at

Now, here’s the grand opening! They’re starting things off at SM Megamall with a special 3D screening of Pina (2011), a documentary that’s all about celebrating the legendary Pina Bausch’s dance genius. 

It’s open to everyone, and it’s free! So, you can catch the Wuppertal Tanztheater dancers wowing you on the big screen. 

The legendary Pina Bausch’s dance genius.
PINA, Thusnelda, and Dominique Mercy and Clementine Deluy/Photo by Donata Wenders courtesy of Fifth Wall Fest

The Lineup

But that’s not all! FIFTH WALL has an excellent lineup of dance films, from local and international filmmakers. 

Expect gems like Romance (2023), Urban Genesis (2023), A Strange Loop (2022), and many more. 

You can watch these in theaters across Metro Manila, or even from your couch through their digital platform.

Romance (2023), a true gem.
Romance/Photo by Saga Sig courtesy of Fifth Wall Fest

Not The Typical

Now, let’s get interactive! 

There’s this cool space called the BLACK BOX. 

It’s not your typical performance space; it’s where you can dive deep into discussions about dance with all sorts of speakers, movers, and listeners. 

Art leaves you pondering, and the BLACK BOX is where you can unravel the mysteries.

From All Angles

FIFTH WALL is all about live performances, too. 

Catch some mind-blowing acts from Galaw.Co Dance Theater, Nunoy Revlon, Jared Jonathan Luna, and the festival’s director, Madge Reyes. 

Plus, there are immersive installations that blend movement, visual arts, and sound.

Fifth Wall's Festival director, Madge Reyes.
Festival’s director, Madge Reyes/Photo by Vogue Philippines courtesy of Fifth Wall Fest

Now, the grand finale! The festival wraps up at SM Megamall with a screening of Cunningham (2019). 

It’s a documentary that traces the artistic journey of Merce Cunningham. It’s not just a film screening; it’s a celebration of creativity and connections.

In the words of Madge Reyes, the festival’s director, “Each edition is an experiment of how far we can stretch the meaning of what it is to present dance. Simply put: if you think FIFTH WALL is not going to do it… we probably will.”

So, if you want to be part of this dance extravaganza, join the FIFTH WALL mailing list, keep an eye on their website, and mark those dates on your calendar.

Now, let’s get ready to dance and celebrate art in all its forms with FIFTH WALL! 

Banner photo by Saga Sig courtesy of Fifth Wall Fest.

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