PIID Welcomes New Board of Trustees At Goldenberg Mansion

The PIID celebrated a milestone at Goldenberg Mansion, ushering in a new era of interior design excellence in the Philippines and Asia.

The Philippine Institute of Interior Designers (PIID) celebrated a milestone at the historic Goldenberg Mansion. 

The mansion is one of Malacañang’s heritage sites, and the celebration marked the induction of its new Board of Trustees.

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Fresh Beginnings

The event signaled a fresh chapter for the organization, poised to elevate interior design in the Philippines and across Asia.

Renowned for its innovative approach, the PIID outlined its strategic priorities. These priorities include enhancing the interior design profession in Southeast Asia. 

They also involve driving societal transformation through design-led initiatives and empowering Filipino designers on the global stage.

With a strong emphasis on heritage, culture, restoration, and preservation, the PIID aims to redefine the role of interior design. 

It seeks to shape communities and preserve cultural identities through these efforts. 

By championing these values, the organization seeks to enrich the built environment while honoring the rich tapestry of Philippine history and tradition.

Fresh Faces, Fresh Ideas

The PIID 2024-2025 Board of Trustees/Photo courtesy of PIID

The newly-inducted Board of Trustees, the youngest in the organization’s 60-year history, brings a fresh perspective and dynamic energy. 

Comprising talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, the new board members are set to inspire innovation and forward-thinking leadership.

“We are thrilled to welcome our new Board of Trustees, whose collective vision and passion for design will guide our organization into the future,” said outgoing President Ivy Almario. 

The oath-taking ceremony was presided over by PRC Interior Design Chairperson Sonia Olivares. 

It highlighted the new board’s commitment to excellence, creativity, and continuous development in interior design.

As the PIID prepares to address complex global issues, it stands ready to reimagine design’s role. 

Through partnerships, educational initiatives, and advocacy, the organization aims to empower designers. They are seen as agents of social change and environmental stewardship.

The PIID’s commitment aligns with the Administration’s focus on nurturing the creative sector. 

Designing a Brighter Tomorrow

Photo courtesy of PIID

The Philippine Creative Industries Development Act, or RA 11904, supports the board’s dedication to elevating creative capabilities. It also aims to foster talent and ensure sustainable long-term development.

In her remarks, Chairwoman Sheila Romero underscored the importance of interior designers. They play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and durability of furniture and fixtures, especially during natural disasters.

She emphasized the need for proactive measures to equip the country’s infrastructures.

PRC Interior Design Chairperson Sonia Olivares emphasized the opportunity to shape a more sustainable, equitable, and beautiful world through design. 

She expressed confidence in the organization’s unity and determination to create a brighter future.

The PIID looks forward to embarking on this transformative journey alongside its members, partners, and stakeholders. 

“The design community has the capacity to shape environments that not only please the eye but touch emotions and nurture the soul,” said Cyndi Fernandez-Beltran, PIID’s Vice President.

IDr. Cynthia Marie Fernandez-Beltran, Ms. Sheila Romero, IDr. Ivy Almario, IDr. Cynthia Almario, and IDr. Tessa Alindogan/Photo courtesy of PIID

Innovate, Create, Elevate

The newly-inducted Board of Trustees recognizes the need to craft spaces that inspire, uplift, and endure. 

They believe in welcoming fresh innovations while upholding Philippine heritage and culture. 

PIID aspires to leave an indelible mark of excellence in Philippine interior design, akin to the enduring elegance of the Goldenberg Mansion.

Dong Ronquillo of Evolve Holdings, IDr. Cynthia Marie Fernandez-Beltran, IDr. Chat Fores, Ms. Dina Tantoco, and Candy Dizon of Lifestyle Asia/Photo courtesy of PIID

In his speech, PIID President Paolo Castro emphasized the Philippines’ creative potential and its capacity to captivate the world. 

He underscored the organization’s mission to harness the boundless potential of Philippine interior design to inspire change and leave an enduring legacy.

The PIID 2024-2025 Board of Trustees are:

1.      IDr. John Paolo Castro, President

2.      IDr. Cynthia Marie Fernandez-Beltran, Vice President

3.      IDr. Jose Enrico Santiago, Corporate Secretary

4.      IDr. Lorenzo Valencia III, Treasurer

5.     IDr. Rossy Anne Rojales, Exec. Director for Professional Development

6.      IDr. Carla Mae Leonor, Exec. Director for Public Relations

7.      IDr. Katherine Anne Correa, Exec. Director for Events

8.      IDr. Christine Villamora, Exec. Director for Finance

9.      IDs. Ma. Carmen Lim-Regala, Exec. Director for Practice and Ethics

The PIID 2024-2025 Board of Trustees/Photo courtesy of PIID

Architect and Interior Designer Ed Calma was acknowledged as the Outstanding Professional of the Year. This recognition was for his contributions to Philippine Contemporary Architecture.

As the only accredited organization recognized by the Philippine government, PIID comprises a community of professional interior design practitioners from across the Philippines. 

All members share a vision of utilizing design to enhance people’s lives and the environment.

Banner photo courtesy of PIID.

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