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For The Singleton, there is no rulebook in drinking whisky—enjoy it your way

Despite our differences as humans, we still find ways to unite, connect, and share the same joy as we socialize with others, especially over food and drinks affairs. Knowing the differences and variety of taste preferences from one another, The Singleton is a versatile whisky that everyone can enjoy in three major ways: “The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old”, “The Singleton Orchard”, and “The Singleton Plus Two Cocktail”. 

The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old

A glass, or more, of “The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old” goes to drinkers who savor a smooth and luscious whisky experience. And whether you are the on the rocks or neat kind of drinker, it is equally exquisite in having it either ways.

The Singleton in a Mijo dining experience

The Singleton Orchard

Want something light and fruity? The versatility of The Singleton offers you “The Singleton Orchard”. It is a mix of The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old, one part apple juice, and one part soda water. Cool it with ice and it gives you the perfect fruity and effervescent cocktail aura mix. Garnish it with your choice between mint or apple slices, and you’re ready to experience this special The Singleton spirit.

The Singleton at Nikkei

The Singleton Plus Two Cocktail

The list of ways to enjoy the award-winning Scotch whisky goes on. The Singleton partners with key names in the restaurant scene of Manila to offer special mixes to its respective customers with various taste preferences. This formed The Singleton Social. It is a social group of various restaurants in which they curate their own special cocktail mix with The Singleton, “The Singleton Plus Two Cocktail”.

The Singleton and Kobe Jones match up

The Singleton Social includes: Prologue, Manduca Taberna, Mango Tree in BGC and City of Dreams Manila, Bondi & Bourke, Ikomai Tochi, Kobe Jones, Mijo Comfort Food, Nikkei (Rada, Newport & Rockwell), Pardon My French, Salt & Ice Bar, Senryo, Sunae, The European Diner, and Xi by Cafe Guilt.

The Singleton with a mix of you

There is no one else who knows your taste better than you do. So, enjoy mixing your own The Singleton whisky drink and make it your personal signature The Singleton spirit. In The Singleton Social Launch Event, The Singleton fan Erwan Heussaff demonstrated his own mix of The Singleton and called it “Single Penny Lane”. It is a blend of one part The Singleton of Dufftown 12 Year Old, one part pineapple juice, and one part ginger ale. Have fun being a mixologist of your own with The Singleton.

Enjoy The Singleton your way

Moreover, The Singleton recently added a special rendezvous point for its aficionados. The Singleton opened The Singleton Whisky Bar found at 3F Mijo, Poblacion, Makati. It offers The Singleton Social drinks menu and bespoke cocktails made with the award-winning whisky and is open from Wednesday to Saturday, 6PM onwards.

The Singleton Whisky Bar opening at Mijo

Different people, different characters, different tastes. Nonetheless, The Singleton caters the same pleasure to these differences by offering more ways than one of enjoying the award-winning Scotch whisky. Experience this special way of drinking whisky by having The Singleton in your next dining affair. You may book your reservations in one of the restaurants from The Singleton Social or come at The Singleton Whisky Bar.

Drink responsibly. Visit the DrinkIQ.com site to learn more about alcohol facts. The Singleton Social partners are growing. To keep updated on the latest list of The Singleton Social outlets, you may follow The Singleton on their official Instagram page.

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