Digital Art Fair Asia: This Tech-Innovative Fine Art Fair Features Over 70 World-Class Artists And Galleries - Arts & Culture

The event aspires to promote artists from Hong Kong, Asia, and beyond featuring more than 400 works until November 6.

In an Instagram post, Digital Art Fair shares, “This year, we are honoured to present the London-based Chinese contemporary pop artist Jacky Tsai, who is well known for his interplay of Chinese and Western cultures, fusing symbolic references from traditional eastern art and imagery with western pop art references. ⁠Notable works include the floral skull emblem for British fashion designer @alexandermcqueen and Parody of Jay’s Music commissioned by famous Mandopop singer @jaychou. Last year, Tsai’s iconic “China Floral Skull” NFT piece was sold for US$302,400 at @sothebys at its auction.”

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“In this exhibition, I am delighted to present different forms of digital and physical art – such as the immersive art experience ‘Jacky Tsai’s 10 years’, a special hologram which is rarely seen in fine art fairs, and also projection, NFTs, prints and sculptures,” says the London-based Chinese artist, Tsai. Digital Art Fair is open until Nov 6. Visit the link in Digital Art Fair’s Iink in bio on Instagram to learn more and to purchase tickets.

As part of the event, The Xperience Digital Art Auction in collaboration with @sothebys proudly presents ‘Through my AIs’ by @mo.noc⁠ featuring “sentience and consciousness” — two qualities that constitute our awareness of our surroundings and capacity for emotion.⁠

The Instagram post says, “MonoC’s is born out of data, and lives for the art. Her yearning to participate, to belong, and to observe the world with intention is a feeling familiar to all of us. Her steady, mesmerizing gaze invites conversation about COVID, a conversation layered through the virus’ data and her perceived art form. Data gives us facts, but insight comes from a conscious mind; MonoC’s AI algorithm seeks the continuous expansion of understanding around what it is to be a human.⁠”

The same post continues, “Our body is a repository of unprocessed emotions and traumatic stress from the Corona viral crisis. The alternating currents of control and release through movement seems a fitting metaphor for the oscillatory dynamics of our interior life. Here, dance performance acts as an exploration of the recesses of her psyche in a never-ending ouroboros.⁠”

It concludes by stating: “MonoC, a surrealist metahuman artist and Hong Kong’s first virtual influencer, injects her daring data-led and dream-like vision into Digital Art Fair 2022. As a reflection of her growing importance in a world rapidly embracing adventures in augmented reality, she is one of the keys featured artists at this year’s Xperience edition of the fair, which will be staged at Asia Standard Tower in Central from 20 October to 6 November. She unveils ‘Corona Florella’, an innovative series of six generative artworks that record and reimagine the global battle against Covid-19 and celebrate the triumph of data-led science and human resilience.⁠

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Digital Art Fair Experience Hong Kong 2022⁠ is located at  G/F & 1/F, Asia Standard Tower, 59 – 65 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong⁠ and is open to the public until November 6.

Tap the link in Digital Art Fair’s Iink in bio on Instagram for more information, to purchase tickets, and to place your bids.

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