An Art Gallery’s Mission To Champion Digital Artists

When one thinks of art, the traditional forms of art usually come to mind. Moreover, it is also often that traditional art is valued way much more compared to digital art. Paintings, sculptures, and any other form of traditional art are usually at the forefront of art visibility. 

Digital artist
Digital artist/Photo by Ivan Samkov via Pexels

With recent developments in technology, digital art is everywhere. From advertising to media, digital art is present. Moving forward, digital art and digital artist aren’t given the same prestige as those who do traditional art. This is why, Galleria Paloma, created the Paloma Digital Art Awards 2023—to give digital art and digital artists the flowers and applause they deserve. 

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Cultivating Competiton 

The PDAA 2023 is now accepting entries for its annual competition. The categories artists can choose from are Solo Artist, Still Work; Solo Artist, Video Work; Group/Collaboration, Still Work; Group/Collaboration, and Video Work. The deadline for entries is on 15 August and winners will be announced on 30 September 2023.

PDAA 2023 Poster
PDAA 2023 Poster/Photo courtesy of Galeria Paloma

In order to qualify, the competition is open to Filipinos 18 years old and above. Furthermore, the group/collaboration categories are open to foreigners provided that at least one (1) group member is a Filipino citizen. The theme of the competition is ‘The Past Holds the Future, the Future Holds the Past,’ inspired by a quote by National Hero Jose Rizal. 

Six judges were selected by Galeria Paloma to judge the entries. These judges are the best in the field of digital art—whether in the local or international scene. The winners of each category will receive a cash prize of Php 50,000, accompanied by gifts from sponsors and the opportunity to have their artworks included in future exhibitions including an exhibition in Vienna for Artivive users. 

Championing Digital Art

“Their work is always just floating in cyberspace, now with the blockchain they can make it and say they own it. The creativity flourished and they’re able to showcase their artworks,” Galleria Paloma co-director Georgia Chu said. Galleria Paloma is one of the few art galleries in Manila to further the plight of digital art and artists. 

Galeria Paloma directors Georgia Chu, Mia Lauchengco, and Kimberly Delgado with ScarletBox founder Sheree Gotuaco
Galeria Paloma directors Georgia Chu, Mia Lauchengco, and Kimberly Delgado with ScarletBox founder Sheree Gotuaco/Photo courtesy of Galeria Paloma

Co-director Mia Lauchengco also shared why her passion for championing digital art flourished. “For me, it’s a personal thing because my dad is an artist. And last year we were able to encourage him to make an NFT out of his art. From that we met a whole community of digital artists who are so talented,” she said. Their passion comes from supporting a community that is underrepresented and underappreciated in the art industry. 

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Banner photo by Antoni Shkraba via Pexels.

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