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Imagine this: it is more than a thousand years ago and you are tirelessly walking down the Silk Road, passing through China and voyaging to the Mediterranean to sell your precious silk weaved by the hands of your people. As you become weary from the hot morning light, your stomach begins to grumble. You need something that will revitalize you, something that will keep you going. And most importantly, something that will go well with your tea. You see a teahouse close by and you are eager to enter. Once seated, you only wait for a short while before the server brings in stacks upon stacks of bamboo baskets, still hot from its steam bath. You open it. What do you see? Delectable, savory, delicious dim sum, ready for consumption!

If you love dim sum as much as we do, then it is easy to put yourself in a situation like the one we illustrated above. Although in 2018, we are probably crossing China to Europe in an airplane, rather than walking the Silk Road like the genius Chinese merchants of the past. As tradition goes, Marco Polo Ortigas Manila’s signature restaurant Lung Hin is mixing up their menu yet again (a practice they do to keep their patrons always satisfied). This time, they are paying homage to the origins of dim sum and the Silk Road through a new, special lunch menu set.

Savoury Dim Sum Set Menu A
Savoury Dim Sum Set Menu A
Savoury Dim Sum Set Menu B
Savoury Dim Sum Set Menu B

Dim sum
started as a quick meal for tired travelers on the road. To refresh themselves, they would order tea and multiple side dishes of assorted delicacies such as deep-fried or steamed meats and seafood. As an ode to this history, the hotel (which has recently been awarded a five-star rating by Forbes Travel Guide for a second year in a row) has commissioned expert dim sum master Chef Wong Chiu Lung to helm the new menu in Lung Hin’s kitchen. A Hong Kong native, Chef Wong has been practicing the art of dim sum for years. He also strongly believes that the best dim sum comes from his native land.

Enjoy dim sum heaven at Lung Hin during lunch hours by choosing from their two sets. Set Lunch A is tailored for those who enjoy their dim sum steamed. Vegetarian Dumpling, Pork Siu Mau with Truffle Sauce, and Shrimp Dumplings with Gold Leaf are served with the savory Roasted Pork Belly, Baked Barbeque Pork Buns, and Hong Kong Satin Chicken Congee. On the other hand, Set Lunch B mixes a combination of fried dishes with some steamed favorites. That set consist of Deep-Fried Bean Curd Skin Rolls with Prawns, Deep-Fried Hong Kong Pigeon, Wok-Fried Rice Roll with Fresh Shrimps and Shredded Chicken. It is served with steamed Pork Spare Ribs with Garlic, and Mushroom Buns.

Relive the Cantonese delicacies our ancestors once had on the Silk Road from March 8 to April 31, 2018. Lung Hin is located at the 44th floor of the Marco Polo Ortigas Manila.

For more information visit www.marcopolohotels.com and follow the hotel on Facebook at facebook.com/MarcoPoloOrtigasManila or @MarcoPoloManila on Twitter and Instragram

By Chino R. Hernandez

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